The trip to Silahis Center was an accident. We tried the e-jeepney in Intramuros to minimize our long walk to the mall. Problem is, we alighted to the wrong station. We realized that we will end up with a longer walk. Haha The initial plan was to wait for another e-jeepney. After about 15 mins., we gave up. We started to walk and along the way, we passed by Silahis Center. I've been around the area for almost a decade. I'm familiar with the shop, but I've never had the chance to visit. As always, I've been conditioned that there will always be next time. I'm just around the area anyway. So the ending, it took me almost a decade to visit. Haha

Silahis means rays of the sun that breaks the clouds. But most Filipinos I believe has another interpretation for the word. The word has gained the colloquial meaning of being a suspected member of the gay community. A male who has not yet fully embraced membership in the gay community. Only to later realize, Silahis is a Filipino word that has a beautiful meaning. 

What I initially thought as an arts and handicrafts shop surprised me. I was brought to a haven of everything Filipino. I saw a myriad of Filipino craftsmanship from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao. It's a museum. It's a showcase of the best about Filipino artistry. There are handicrafts, paintings, organic beauty products, books, fabric, paperie, sculptures and a lot more! What I love best about the shop, products are provided with adequate description and a little piece of history. You will feel more equipped with all those pieces of information around. It might be minor issue but I appreciate that all products have visible tag prices already. I don't need to look and disturb the sales associates. I have all the freedom to explore the shop.

My favorite product from the shop because it's the only thing I can afford. Hahaha These wrapping papers are for the win at Php 25 each. It showcases drawings of famous local landmarks. 

A trip to Silahis Center is a must. Skip the shopping malls for a while and join the different groups offering tours in Intramuros. After the tour, include a schedule in Silahis Center. An alternative is dropping by the area after exploring the National Museum of the Philippines in Manila. If you have foreign friends, you might want to consider bringing them here. They can bring home souvenirs of different forms and prices. There have cheap to expensive authentic Filipino items. Should you feel hungry, visit the nearby restaurants within Intramuros as well. If budget permits, try fine dining at Illustrado or Sky Deck View Bar of Bayleaf Hotel. A cheaper alternative can be Barbara's or Ristorante del Mitre. If budget is still too tight, message me for the nearest branch of 7-Eleven, Family Mart and other secret eateries in Intramuros. Haha 

On a totally different note, my patience was tested to the fullest this week. My work was affected because I have a number of grown up concerns to accommodate. It felt like I wasn't able to accomplish anything this week. I don't know but those customer service hotlines never fail to irritate me. I have to listen to a long list of instructions and enter what seems to be a never ending series of number prompt. Only to later be placed on hold for a very long time. When I finally have someone to talk to, everything will end up as a futile attempt. It's like reporting the same problem over and over again. Bills that don't arrive even though everything has been enrolled via email. Phone line application that has been approved, but remains to be on the pending or hanging list. I don't have patience for lousy response, broken promises and uncertain actions. Hopefully, everything will be ironed out this week. These are petty things but when they all accumulate, aaaaargggh my supply of patience is starting to diminish.

My only consolation last week was the completion of my freelance works. I only have one project left on my list. Yay! Send me all the good vibes, positivity and a bottomless glass of patience this week. :)