First work week. I arrived so early last Monday  and was surprised with an empty street. I had second thoughts, where is everyone? Is it still vacation and I wasn't informed? Haha Armed with a lot of time and a gift card from Starbucks (Thanks T!), I walked for a while and returned to my workstation with a sinful frapuccino. I had a hard time getting my working pace. I was sleepy for the first three days. I ended consuming so much coke and spicy food to get things going. The ending, a doctor's prescription that rifted a significant part of my money.

I don't write new year's resolutions. Although I have this target of minimizing expenses. As much as I'm trying my best, I messed up big time last week. I started when I saw the red flag sale at H&M Home. I love the home pieces at H&M ... except for the prices. Sometimes, similar items can be purchased way cheaper in the home section of Landmark. But since H&M was having a yearend sale, I decided to check it out.... just to check out. Unfortunately, I failed. In less than a minute, I was already on the cashier section. Hahaha I purchased the bed sheet I've been wanting to own. My excuse, it was on sale from Php 1,495 to 500!! Damage done. Haha

Not so long after H&M, I was able to pass by Japan Home. I rarely visit Japan Home ever since I changed route going home. I just wanted to window shop. But my story has its own ending. I purchased the wooden clips, jute string and other items for our home.

Aside from shopping, I dropped by the Post Office to send out my first postcards for 2016. Just when I thought that I will be able to go home early, I found myself with my friend TL. I was able to finally watch Honor Thy Father. During the holiday break. I watched two other films, which I didn't like. Hahaha I won't mention it here. I'd rather focus on my favorite. 

Honor Thy Father may have been deprived because of the awarding requirement controversy. But if I were to decide, it has my vote for everything. The story, acting, and the cinematography were all perfect. More importantly, John Lloyd just did it again. Unlike other films though, the film did not place any actor's ability to waste. Each character has a significant role in the movie, which rarely happens among local films. Some would include Celebrity A, B, C and so on just because they are everyone's favorite.  I have to specifically mention Khalil Ramos, who I first blogged here. He is becoming my favorite. Khalil has proven that there are no small roles in movies. His cameo appearance maybe short lived (just like in A Second Chance), but Khalil has given more than enough justice to his character.        

Before the work week ended, I arrived home with some goodies from the mail. It still feels like Christmas and my birthday. Love all the way from The Netherlands, thank you Marieken and Wilma!

In addition to all these beautiful things, I encountered some interesting links.

Kidzania Manila (if I'm not mistaken) is the first international franchise to produce its own theme song and video production. - I love everything about the song, Just dream big!

One of the many reasons why I admire the Japanese culture  - "Why should I not want to die for a country like this when the government is ready to go an extra mile just for me,”

Why I don't admire leaders who use fear to make things happen - Jonathan Yabut said it all.

I wanted to buy this limited edited cover of The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. Problem is, it's only available from Waterstones in UK. I initially saw a copy from ebay which costs more than Php 3,500?!? The price in Waterstones is okay, unfortunately the shipping fee is almost equal the price of the book. I need someone who can share the shipping expense with me. Anyone? :)

It has been a sinful week of overspending. Added to this, I had some realizations which arose from events I never wanted to happen. It may sound not as the best way to start the year. But then again, I'd like to think that this is how I pay for lifelong learning experiences. I'm just glad that I have a few friends beside me and my freelance works are on its concluding stages. I'm expecting a little something for my family and savings account. Life is still good!