200!!! I never realized that I will be writing my 200th Sunday post. I only recognized it when I was starting to transfer photos to my laptop. The name of my past folder series read 199. Had it really been four years? I wanted to celebrate by ordering some unhealthy food delivery again. Hahaha But as always, blame my struggling wallet. ;-)  

Been listening to Paula Abdul's playlist. My current mood prefers Cold Hearted Snake, which also has a version in the TV musical, Glee. I grew up in the 90s but for some reason, I adored the music of the 80s, together with my older female cousins. I love Wilson Phillips, Madonna, and I have to admit, even Rick Astley. Hahaha Paula Abdul has kept me company while doing my "new" job every Saturday morning. Oh yes, my ambitious self embraced another role apart from my freelance writing works.  I wish I could relate the details, but my identity and connection with the company has to be concealed. I don't receive cash for the new job. I'm receiving product samples instead. I figured out this was better because I love the company's products, which I cannot afford. This makes me realize how my shopaholic hormones converted me to a full time slave. My wish is that the owner would eventually allow me to reveal my connection with them. Likewise, I can collaborate with them using the name of my blog. #WishfulThinking Hahaha But for now, I have to content myself with being a "ghost" employee.

While the past week has been about my day job project and this freelance work I wanted to close, there were events, stories and experiences that happened along the way. One is my failure to pay my credit card bill only because I overlooked the due date. It was an honest mistake. I felt a bit disrespected because the company sent me a letter with a threatening tone. I felt bad because this was the first and only time I missed a payment due date. While typing this, I remembered that I even called a few days ago. I explained my case and was trying to ask for waiver about the late payment fee. See, I don't have deliberate intentions of running away. And because of this, I think I have to close my account with them. Never mind if the card offers the best features when travelling abroad. I don't like remaining on relationships with trust issues. (#Hugot Hahaha) 

During the entire week, my Facebook's news feed has been filled with status messages to what seems like an essay writing contest. Mostly contained reactions from the LGBT group, arising from the politician's lousy response. While I equally respect the members of the LGBT, I hate it when some people use the issue as an opportunity to make themselves look highly intellectual and gain the sympathy of the public. 

Setting aside all my shallow drama, let me share the few beautiful things I had over the past week. 

Because Cath Kidston is love. This rainy day boots on sale finally arrived with no surprising customs fees. I only paid what I needed to pay for. ;) 

Signs of becoming a full fledged #TitaofManila - I've been enjoying H&M... not the clothes and accessories, but their Home Section. I swear, I love the look of the entire H&M Home. I love the white, gray and bare cement floors of their branch in Gateway Mall. I was able to score this golden pineapple mini-tray and table runner with vintage inspired print. Although honestly, I find some of their items a little expensive. 

Love from the USA - Thank you Jeannie and Terra!

I have a little interesting story with the wooden signage. You might not believe me, but I got the wooden plate from a waste basket. I saw broken pieces of wood placed beside a huge trash bin. My curiosity led me to explore and later, take home this wooden plate. Never mind if I don't understand what was written on it. Hahaha Only to later confirm and discover that it used to be a part of a crate of a bottle of French wine. 

The box of Royce Chocolate is love! - Oh how I wish someone will give me this bar of almond chocolate. This was given by a freelance client during our last meeting. And as much as I don't want to admit it, I finished half the box by myself. 

I'm typing this post at 12:40 am, feeling a little tired and sleepy. The past week has been a little tiring, mostly because of this freelance work that doesn't seem to go away. Closure please! Added to this, I felt a little annoyed with a former client. Some people just don't realize that professional services are way different from ordering mass produced goods. As much as I try to avoid them, I have been reluctant in accepting freelance works from colleagues. Truth to be told, the abusive freelance clients come from the segment of my colleagues and relatives. The irony. The only thing I can wish for now is for these projects to finally conclude.