I thought everything will be easy. This is probably the best sentence that summarizes the past week. I embraced freelance works in the academe. I thought it was my turf, only to later discover that I've been deceived and underpaid. I accepted a blog related work that I thought was refreshing and relaxing. It's still work but I love the different avenue and expertise. Only to late realize, everything still consumes time and effort. For my day job. I thought I was done with my recent project. I discovered the real weight of the work during its concluding stages. I'm so dead. Hahaha I have to wrap up everything tomorrow.

Still about my freelancing, I discovered a not-so-good incident involving someone I know. It relates some issues about the unwritten rule and ethics in freelancing. Most of the freelance works I secured entailed becoming a ghost writer. The kind of work I scored over the past years did not require me to sign contracts or any form of written agreement. This was probably because I only had short lived freelance works. Despite the absence of a clear cut contract, I have been very conscious in delivering my output and being discreet about everything. I mention the status of my freelance works here but I never detailed anything. I respect my clients and I knew my place beforehand. I was paid to ghost write. I was paid to write and keep my mouth shut. 

A few days ago, someone I knew spilled the beans of her ghost writing gig to someone else. Problems is, that someone else is an expert in cooking a major disaster plan. Next thing that happen, the person who hired the ghost writer was placed in a negative light. I felt bad. Although part of me feels pissed off to the ghost writer who failed to undertake her major responsibility... keeping your mouth shut. The prevailing events would not have happened if the ghost writer respected the unwritten rules in freelancing. Oh well, the mess has been created. I cannot imagine the succeeding events because surely, it feels like another set of bridges will be burned.

And because I have been a good freelancer hahahaha a client gifted me with a box of doughnuts as a bonus. :-)

The weather has been a little cold every morning this week. Then here comes afternoon feeling like summer. All in all, these temperature changes resurrected the nasty and inconvenient colds. Walking towards the workplace, I noticed the scenery. I'm not sure if it's only me, but the walls and garden looked like from another country. Hahaha

Those dreams about another country maybe brought by my intensifying dream to visit Hong Kong or Singapore again.. It didn't help that I always receive souvenirs from these countries over the past weeks. What's with the early months of the year? People within my immediate environment are traveling everywhere.

Before the week ended, I dropped by National Bookstore and purchased another useless item. Hahaha I got this butterfly puncher just because I wanted it. Hahaha

Postcards from Marieken - My dear friend Marieken from Netherlands is maintaining a lovely brick and mortar shop called Druk and Vorm. Please visit my friend's site and if possible, don't just window shop. Hahaha Let's support independent sellers.

My eyelids are beginning to feel heavy as I'm typing this post. I better be going to sleep now. Meanwhile, our neighborhood is busy for this

the town fiesta... but my family is the only one who seems to be unaffected Hahaha But according to my mother,we will have a nice lunch. In the afternoon, I'll probably make up with our favorite Dear Darla and Spicy Chicken Wings from Yellow Cab. :-)