Sunday, March 13, 2016

Beautiful Sunday # 203 - Better days

Life is not good .... especially when you see the piles of bills to be settled. Hahaha Grown up problems. When the week started, I felt the strong urge to organise my financial goals. I can't be like this forever. I have to have a game plan, a financial plan or in general, a grown-up plan. My biggest irony arises from the nature of my job. I have been to corporate planning for quite some time. I've prepared a number of documents related to planning. This is our goal, how do we achieve it? What will be the role of each? Where are we now, based on our stated goals and objectives? This is work everyday, but how come I'm so terrible doing it for myself?  

Sometimes, I wish that I just win the local lottery. Who doesn't? Haha A few years ago, a colleague told me that having half a million pesos will address ALL of colleague's problems. I never had problems with this colleague. I didn't know much about colleague's personal life. I later discovered that this colleague got involved to a financial fiasco. I felt sad. I felt bad. Colleague was forced to resign from his post. A few months after, I learned that colleague was able to secure an overseas job. This colleague used to be quiet on Facebook in the height of the financial trouble. Colleague became visible again when everything was already settled with overseas life. Until now, I have been hearing stories and speculations behind the financial trouble. I never had the chance to confirm the real story and honestly, I'm not really interested. If I were in colleague's shoes, I will not like it when people are speculating and telling negative stories about me. But seriously, I'm looking forward on the day when I will meet this colleague again. At that time, I hope both of us can say that we don't anymore need to win anything from the lottery. 

I have been having the weirdest dreams lately. There were a lot. But the two I can't forget is my attempt to ride an elevator that doesn't fit my height and when I left a restaurant because I saw our President & CEO, with his friends and family. I searched for some interpretations and everything seem to point out that I'm led to a deeper awakening. Whatever it is, I can only hope that my decisions will lead to me to a better and happier life ahead.

I'm getting too serious and boring, here are the few beautiful things that made my week

Milk and choco-oatmeal cookies - This is how to start a weekend.

Something pastel and colorful 

Happy Lady - Who can still remember Happy Lady's classic cover for their needle and threader? I have a feeling it's only me who can still remember this brand. Haha I grew up having Home Economics classes for seven years. Hence, this was a staple item in our home. It's only now that I appreciate the classic illustration of the brand. The vintage drawing of the three ladies never changed at all. 

Scored this musical carousel at the frightening streets of Recto and Avenida in Manila. I did a little cleaning and voila, I have another vintage find. Although part of me wants to fix the sound and movement of the carousel.

Trying out a new product, Shiseido's Super Mild Conditioner. I've become addicted with Japanese hair products lately. It started with Tsubaki's shampoo and conditioner. All these would not have been possible without Zalora's voucher. Thanks Zalora! 

Because it's starting to feel summer. Gone are the days when I wake up with a little of colder air around. Hello summer! 

Good morning from my favorite nook :) - The hanging shelf project remains unaccomplished. When I started organizing my books, I discovered how much were actually missing. There were books that were not returned for years already. The initial plan was to have a four-layer shelf because I wanted to compile my DVD collections as well. Hopefully everything gets done during the Holy Week break.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday and better days ahead! 


  1. very nice pictures. happy sunday, diane? :-) set aside the grown up problems, those are for weekdays only. haha

  2. You create pretty vignettes dear Diane, and that carousel you found is charming.

  3. Hihihihi. Timing na timing pala yung isang item na pinadala ko sa iyo. Good luck!!!
    Meron nung carousel na yan dito. Won't mention the price kasi balak kong magbenta. :) Love the golden pinya!
    Re shampoo, can you recommend any mint shampoo? My tita gave me a pair, eh naubos ko na. I love the scent kasi nagigising ako.

  4. I'm still a "Happy Lady" user because I use them for making "sulsi" all those little holes from my kids' clothes hehehe

  5. Ahh life and its many ups and downs. Sana lagi na lang ups, but then come to think of it, the 'downs' allow us to learn and make us better individuals :) I love love love your nook Diane!!! I can imagine your room being so organized! :)

  6. You know, we really have a lot of things in common. I also struggle when it comes to personal financial planning which is really ironic because I also work in the Corporate Planning side. Well, in reality, I start the year with a well laid out spreadhseet to stay organized and keep track of everything but I'm too lazy to complete it!!! Hahaha. And I love your bookshef, by the way. I wanted to organize mg books, as well, and have a book book. The problem is.. I don't have a permanent house so my books are scattered in 4 different locations. I hope we'll both accomplish our Financial and Book Nook project this year! :)

  7. For me the best part would be the shelve. I also feel the same sentiments about books not being returned. Though you have read it, it is still a treasure to grasp it in your hand as if you're carrying a trophy, a reminder that you were a part of that story.

    Life really is not easy but as long as we stay positive and believe in our God, nothing is impossible.

  8. Ang cute ng musical carousel! Buti na lang sa kamay mo sya napunta kasi mape-preserve mo ang ganda nya. Hope hindi naman scary ang music at movement ng carousel kasi sabi mo gusto mo ayusin, hehe.

    P.S. Nice to see you again at SM Manila! Habang nakatalikod ka at nagsusulat, ang lakas na talaga ng kutob ko na ikaw yun. Hahaha. Next time, mas mahabang kwentuhan na. :)


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