Halfway March. In a few more weeks, classes are over. I will have a two-month rest from teaching but office works remain the same. In fact, much of my work actually happens during the summer break. But before summer, I'm excited for the upcoming Holy Week break. It's time to get more than enough sleep. Meals with the family. Movie and K. drama marathon. Time to pause for a while, rest and recharge. 

The past week was the busiest. Amidst all the workload, I was able to temporarily escape Manila. Still work related, but I was able to visit a province somewhere in the North. It feels good to see a different scenery these days. I was clueless about the place so I sought the assistance of a little technology. Thank you Waze for leading us to our destination. This mobile application showed me its own moment of self-redemption, after disappointing me a few years ago. My first attempt to use Waze forced me to just delete it. It was occupying so much space causing my phone to slow down. My second attempt happened a few months ago. I accompanied a friend to look for this old and quaint restaurant in Manila. I thought everything was working well not until Waze led us to an dark, empty and scary lot. Despite the disappointing experience, I gave Waze another chance. This time however, I noticed the easier interface and additional features offered. Best about everything, Waze brought us to our destination in the shortest possible time. Waze amazed me this time. Hence, I will no longer uninstall it from my phone. Hahaha I'm actually looking forward for my next travel adventure with Waze. 

Before the week ended, I was able to accomplish a major step in my on-going task. This major activity got me dead tired physically and emotionally. When I first arrived at the workplace, I remember a colleague handing this task to me. The instructions given were quite limited so I was forced to learn everything on my own. Despite taking full accountability, I have three colleagues who shared the workload.  A few years after, this task was transferred to colleague T. Every one at the department left, leaving me and T handling the work. When our new superior arrived, the task was transferred to another office. Unfortunately, the recipient department was not able to continue the work. They reasoned the lack of manpower. The ending, the task died because no one wanted to do it. 

When I was moved to another department, my new superior wanted to revive the task. Obviously, I became the best person to handle it. I have no problems except when I realized that I have no one to help me. Years ago, I have a strong support system. This time though, I have no one to depend on but myself. I still have colleagues designated to render assistance. I was thankful but our current working arrangement is quite limiting. And I don't blame them at all. Maybe it's the reality that I'm bound to single handedly accomplish what used to be a task of 3-4 persons. I was expecting something to happen last Friday. Something that can probably wipe away a fraction of my exhaustion. My expectations failed me. Sadness gained, but a deep lesson earned.

And because I was too tired last Friday, I rushed home and rewarded myself with something refreshing and relaxing

Oh Joo Won! How can I not love you? Hahaha I first saw Joo Won from The Bridal Mask. He seldom smiled in that drama series. Although at that time, I find him cute but not attractive. Fast forward now, I decided to watch Yong Pal because of my girl crush, Kim Tae Hee. As much as I love Kim Tae Hee, I have to give my admiration for Joo Won. Gaaaaahd! I love everything about his character. I later learned that Yong Pal made him earn the Daesang Award, during the recently concluded SBS Awards. As I understand it, the award serves as the grand prize for acting for drama series aired under SBS network. Joo Won's acting deserves it! 

Truth to be told though, I wasn't expecting to develop a crush on Joo Won. His first appearances was just okay. I felt I was deceived because as Yong Pal's episodes progressed, I can't help but develop admiration for Joo Won. I started to notice his height, hair, smile and call me weird, but I love his cheek bones. :) My favorite part in the drama series happened on episodes 8 to 10 and 17 to 18. Added to this, I felt like melting whenever Joo Won is dressed up and have his hair brushed up. Gaaaaahd, my heart be still!!! Hahahahaha

And before I forget, I have to thank Terra for the lavender postcard. Sorry, I just got carried away by Joo Won. I intentionally placed the postcard here because lavender was a significant part of the drama series.

Another set of postcards arrived! - Thank you Marieken and Terra!

I got a discounted copy of Garance Dore's book. I was excited only to later discover that it wasn't written in English!!!! Hahahaha I wanted to sell it but who will ever buy something that is not written in English here?

How to unlove? Not Joo Won hahaha but these meringue cookies

Goodies all the way from the South - Thank you Mother E for helping me own this most awaited luggage :) 

And I'm looking forward for some sunshine next week :)