Jo Woon is handsome. Truth to be told, this is only the topic I wanted to talk and write about. Haha Ever since I reached Episode 8 of Yong Pal, I’ve become hooked to the drama series. It was when I realized that I love Dr. Kim Tae-Hyun (Jo Woon). Hahahaha If I will define the parameters of a perfect guy, watch the drama series and don’t ever lose your attention to Jo Woon. His eyes, lips, hair when brushed up and call me the weirdest, his perfect cheekbones. All this time, cheekbones never appealed to me because I have been abundantly blessed cursed with it. A blessing I hate because it makes my face look bigger and wider. Far from my dream of owning a small round face, which most Korean actresses own.

Going back to the real intention of this post, I’m not sure if I can still write a decent post about Yong Pal. Hahaha It’s been a while since I last wrote about a K. Drama that I love. The last I watched was The Legendary Women, and was so far, the longest in terms of number of episodes. While I have a number of drama series in my list, it took me some time before I was able to watch and finish one. It didn’t help that Drama Fever and Viki have become selfish to Philippine based android and apple users. Most of the drama series uploaded in the two applications are not available for viewing here. How come? How could they deprive Filipinos, often considered as the leading admirers of Korean drama?

Yong Pal landed on my list because of my all time Korean girl crush, Kim Tae Hee. I decided to watch it because of her. Much to my surprise, my attention went to Dr. Kim Tae-Hyun.

Yeo Jin Ha (Kim Tae Hee) was locked up and intentionally forced to remain in coma by her half brother. This was mainly caused by her half brother’s greed to own the entire company. The original plan was to eventually kill Yeo Jin Ha. Everything seems to work well not until the innocent Dr. Kim Tae-Hyun came in the picture. He was a brilliant doctor finishing his residency, in the hospital where Yeo Jin Ha was locked up. Despite his brilliance, Kim Tae-Hyun is troubled with debts and the struggle to have his sister treated. In his desire to make ends meet, Kim Tae Hyun dabbles as a gang doctor (Yong Pal). He accepts house calls and performs medical procedures to filthy rich criminals, gangsters, who wish to escape police investigations and legal charges. Fate and destiny entered, Kim Tae-Hyun ended to become one of the doctors secretly monitoring Yeo Jin Ha. He was supposed to be an accomplice, another criminal to begin with. A series of events followed, Kim Tae-Hyun turned to be Yeo Jin Ha’s savior and love interest.

The best things I love about the drama series include the suspense, how the love between Kim Tae Hyun unfolded and the hospital scenes. Suspense was to the highest level. There were a number of events I wasn’t able to predict. For me, this is an indicator of a good drama series. The hospital scenes were also a hit for me. Although I have limited knowledge in this field, I enjoyed the side stories particularly all the emergency cases in the hospital. The one that sealed everything for me, how the love story of Yeo Jin Ha and Kim Tae Hyun developed. It was far different from all the cheesy flix I often encounter and enjoy.

If you are looking for romantic flix that goes beyond another case of third-party involved, enjoy hospital scenes like those shown in Grey’s Anatomy and has the heart of superb suspense, Yong Pal might work for you. 

And while my heart has been continuously beating for Jo Woon, I’m enjoying another K drama. Oh Rose, you have to blamed for this. I’m loving Descendants of the Sun, which is still airing in South Korea. I’m trying to catch up with the series via KBS World. While my heart still shouts for Jo Woon, I’m actually torn because I also love Song Jong-Ki. Oh these Korean men, you are making life harder for me. Hahahahaha