Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Venice Grand Canal Mall

Before the Holy Week break, me and my friend A managed to squeeze in a visit to The Venice Grand Canal Mall. A few months ago, I saw teasers of this place in my Facebook newsfeed. At first, I was inclined to be believe that it wasn't true. I became convinced of its existence when Facebook friends started uploading photos.

As of date, the place is still relatively new. It's on the beginning stages of its operation. Hence, there are only a few shops and activities to do. For now, the place is filled with different restaurants. Selections are still quite limited as well. The most you can do in the place is to have a great meal and capture photos with your friends and family. Being a replica of the Venice Grand Canal, one might surely look forward for the Gondola Ride. Unfortunately, the amenity was not operational yet when we visited. 

I'm not sure if the management intends to turn the mall to a food hub. There are a lot of empty retail spaces. Despite the limited attractions, I still recommend a visit to The Venice Grand Canal Mall. Snap a few photos, enjoy the view and have a great meal with the restaurants around. 


  1. I wanna!!!
    Akala ko talaga out of the country ka.

  2. Reminded me of The Venetian! :) Happy Easter, Diane! :)

  3. Ang ganda! Sabi ko sa friend kong magbabakasyon ngayon dito sa Manila na jan kame pumunta!


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