I had no plans of blogging during the middle of the week. But those who know me well can sense the real reasons why I suddenly emerge with a blog post on a weekday. I probably have

1. A sponsored post, which happens once in a blue moon,
2. Have been to a nice place and can't wait for the weekends to share it.
3. Something came up along the way. Either something great or worst.

How I wish I have a good news to relate. Something inspiring to share. Unfortunately, this is just one of those days ... for the lack of adjective, I wanted to end. If this happened years ago, back when I started to revive my interest in blogging, I would have related the details behind everything. But I guess, I grew up? One thing I learned, I should lessen my contribution to noise and stress pollution. Hahahaha There are just some things better to be left unsaid. 

A year ago, I cannot count how many times I expressed my lowest moments. As much as I wanted to deny it, it feels like I met this unwanted emotional visitor again. I suddenly remember a few lines from the rare self-help books I read. If we are constantly bombarded by the same emotional burden, it means that the root cause of the struggle remains unaddressed. Given my current situation and self-diagnosis, I have to adhere to this thought.

On a positive note, I tried my best to become a better person today. I chose to be understanding and considerate. I was able to extend a little assistance to someone in need. Please don't mistake it for financial assistance. Hahahaha I'm another person in dire need of it. Hahahaha 

The day is about to end. I will spend the last few hours with some feel good activities. A frapuccino, bag of chips, (forgive me) and watching Episode 11 of my current favorite K. Drama, Descendants of the Sun.

Wish me better days and life ahead. :)