If there is one thing I'd like to talk about these days, it's nothing but my addiction to Song Joong Ki and his drama series, Descendants of the Sun. Pardon if I sound exaggeratedly redundant. But Song Joong Ki never fails to make me the happiest these days. I'm always looking forward for Wednesdays and Thursdays because those are the days when the weekly episodes are aired. If only I can understand Korean, life would be easier. I don't have to wait for the episodes with English subtitles. My favorite part in the past episode was captured by this instagram post. Song Joong Ki's flattered smirk is killing me. Hahahahaha More than the most awaited episodes, I also love the OST of this drama series. My regular Saturday play list include all the songs in the drama series. My favorite has to be K. Will's Say It

In the middle of the week, there was a little drama that came up. With the company and jokes left by some good friends, I felt a little more bitter... better. Hahahahaha But seriously, thanks to everyone who were good to me over the past week. And speaking of good people, 

I was surprised to come home with an unexpected parcel. Thank you Edel of Life in Manila! The cards came in perfect timing as I'm running out of nice cards for my postcrossing friends. I already used up the designs produced by Papemelroti. I hope we get a chance to meet before the closing of La Cocina de Tita Moning. 

Have you ever bought a product just because it has nice packaging? I committed another crime against the principles of KonMari. Hahaha I found these sachets of powdered home fragrance from an unexpected place... the notorious Isetann Recto. I have no intentions of creating a malicious image about the mall. I took it from all the stories I heard. But honestly, I visited the mall a few times and found some cheap and useful items in their owned department store. I was even more surprised when I experienced one of the nicest sales associates. Proof that sometimes, the best customer service is present in places you least expect. 

I was able to finally use Mother E's wax sealer. I hope you are proud of me Mother. Hahahaha It went a little messy, but I discovered a way to do it better.

In times when wine is served, I always end up ordering a can of Coke and filling in myself with whatever solid food is served. Hahaha Sometimes, I tend to make myself busy with the photos. I arranged this ensemble on a Saturday morning just because there are a leftover of everything at home. Wine, cheese and the grapes that was gone away, a minutes before the photo was taken. Hahaha

Something for breakfast. Crunchy waffles and pieces of Cath Kidston. :) 

I'm enjoying another unhealthy food delivery while typing post. I learned that Shakeys is accepting Paypal payments for delivery. Shallow, yes but this little discovery is more than enough to make me happy.  I have some funds left but such is not enough to buy something from my favorites, Zalora or ASOS. I googled for possible food deliveries that accept Paypal payments only to later discover that nothing works. Good thing, I landed on Shakeys. :) Happy Tummy!

I'm not sure if some of you have noticed the change in theme and feel of my Beautiful Sunday series. A few months and years ago, each Sunday post is comprised of all the beautiful things I encountered over the past week. Never mind if the photo is too dark, grainy, and pixelated. I also played with some filters, back then my favorite was cross -process. When I checked these photos again, I felt a little cringe. Hahaha How could I love those dark and heavily edited photos. I can't exactly recall when did I outgrow such preference. I woke up discovering that it's always better to have light, airy and less filtered photos. Part of this minor transformation was attributed to my long exposure in Instagram. I love those accounts that seem to maintain the same color schemes and theme. I felt inspired to translate everything in my blog and my IG account too. Added to this, I scored a freelance work that entailed a little photography. While I have been delivering outputs to my client, I felt challenged to do the same for my blog. 

I spent more time with Instagram than in Facebook these days. There are deeper reasons behind this though. One is the freedom of speech I gradually lost. When students, colleagues and some superior started to connect with me, I felt the need to filter everything. I always end up reviewing photo uploads and status messages. There was a time when I wanted to vent out, rant and prove my point. I was about to do it when my sanity saved me the last minute. Hahaha I also witnessed how some family members and colleagues ruin each other through the powerful status messages. I hated those classic insinuations aimed to berate someone. Even in the absence of the names, the intention was screamingly clear. I had so many Facebook stories to share... the worst was when I was able to detect a crime against property and an on-going illicit affair. At first, I felt victoriously smart for successfully figuring out the clues behind the photo uploads. After sometime I realized how pathetic I was. I have plenty of time following other people's lives when in the first place, I have my own struggles to address.

Tomorrow is another week of struggle.... or happiness. I hope it boils down to the latter. I've been feeling under the weather lately. I needed a little boost.