Half of the week was spent outside Manila. Monday started by reporting to work a little earlier to accommodate the long road trip ahead. Three days away from the city, confined in a hidden place somewhere in the North. There was no other option except to work and savour the view of the forest and mountain.

When I arrived in the city, I thought I can manage the remaining days. My body was screaming exhaustion. I spent a lot for food. What's new? :) It was a good idea to take a leave on Friday. I planned to sleep longer and finish some teaching related work. All plans failed. I spent the day catching up my current on my favorite, Descendants of the Sun. The drama has two more episodes left. Sad... but I would be more sad when it leads to a tragic ending. I don't need another source of heartbreak these days. Hahaha

My addiction to the drama series extends to the highest level. Or maybe, I'm only referring to my obsession to Song Joong Ki. I even follow his features, interviews and guesting at KBS World. My favorite was when he made it as the first celebrity to be interviewed in KBS News. Of the several interviews I watched, I noticed how Korean celebrities were so prim and proper. They looked like as if they were defending their thesis during interviews. :D Another evident proof of my addiction, I've been stalking the popular necklace of the drama series. The Luce Helio Necklace by J. Estina is another item in my shopaholic list. The price is unfortunately not something to love. When converted to Philippine Peso, I have to set aside around Php 7,000?!? I encountered some eBay sellers, but I doubt the authenticity of some, especially the cheaper ones.  And even though I have the resources, I'm lost in translation.... J. Estina's website is written in Hangul. I need a Korean friend to understand everything. If I will have the chance to visit South Korea in the future, a visit to J. Estina's shop will be in my list.

Meanwhile, I think my emotional hormones are overworking again. It appeared in perfect timing with my physical exhaustion. This probably explains why I overate yesterday. Four different breads from Bread Talk... money gone, fats in! Hahaha

I'm typing this post in between Friday night and Saturday morning. The past hours felt a little weird. All I wanted to do was to sleep. I have a scheduled dinner with the family. I should be looking forward but my exhaustion was overpowering. There was good food, but my appetite does not seem to appreciate. I even brought home a takeaway meal from another restaurant. As of typing this, the bag remains untouched at all. Me and my weirdest hormones.

Before I finally end the day, let me share the few photos I captured from my out-of-town work.

I will blog more about this on Sunday.