Now that the airing of my favorite K. drama, Descendants of the Sun is over, I don't anymore have reasons to write about Song Joong Ki. Hahahaha I will surely miss him though. My Wednesdays and Thursdays will surely feel different now. No need to rush home to catch the episodes and watching everything again with the English subtitles. Yes, I watch an episode twice. One for excitement and the other for fully understanding the plot. I wanted to watch another K. drama although my mind is telling me, I should revisit my book collections. It's time to get back to reading.

These days, work is lighter because of the absence of teaching. I'm back as a full time office employee again. Writing research reports and getting used to the silence at the workplace. The kids are already enjoying their two-month summer break. Hence, 80% of the workplace's building remains unoccupied. In the afternoon, colleagues have their own version of horror stories. As they claim, ghosts love to thrive on old, quiet and dark spaces. I stay in the oldest wing of the building whose age is around 300 years. In my years of stay, I don't ever recall any horror or ghost encounter. So whenever those ghost stories are starting to be shared, I feel bored and unamused. 

Meanwhile, my Facebook newsfeed is dominated by two themes: the presidential candidates and graduation photos. Most of the people within my circulation is voting for that "popular" candidate. Truth to be told though, I'm feeling quite saturated with all the articles about the presidentiables. While information is best needed by the voters, I feel frustrated that some articles are misleading and worst, fabricated. If I had it my way, I would wish for a large matrix that compares the qualifications of all the candidates.And probably, Andreson Cooper will individually interview all the candidates. Why Anderson? Absence of the conflict of interest. Hahaha  

As for the graduation photos, this is something I experience every year .... it's recurring since I work for a school. Sometimes, I feel nostalgic with the entire graduation atmosphere. There were instances when some unexplained sadness attacks me. But the more prevalent sentiment is the reminder that I'm getting really old. Whenever I check the birth year of my students, I can't believe that they were already born in the 90s?!? The recent class I handled had students born in 1996!!! Age gap is for real! Hahaha

Before I make a long and boring post, let me share some beautiful things here

Trying my best to eat green salad at least once a week.... minus the sinful Caesar salad sauce. I rarely read non-fiction, the Freakonomics duo is one of my rare favorites in this genre

Escolta at night - I've read and heard reports that there's a initiative from the local government to revive the place. I hope it's for real and not only used as an election propaganda. 

Of letters and the intense summer heat!!!! As much as I'd like to enjoy summer, the heat is discouraging. Marikina and all the more, Manila feels like a big oven these days.

Postcards from my favorite, Marieken! - Happy Birthday dearest friend!!! 

My father's malunggay tree surprised me! I didn't realize that my father's tree was that tall already. It exceeded even the third floor of our neighbor's home.

I didn't realize that it's already halfway April. I feel that summer just started for me. More than the summer escapade (which I will not have this year), I have other plans for the next months. Hopefully, everything or at least half of it will materialize.

Wishing everyone a beautiful week ahead!