A few more weeks before the national election, all I see within my immediate environments are tarpaulins plastering the "photoshopped" faces of the different candidates, status messages and defense about this "popular" presidential candidate in all social media platforms, and on a few instances, taxi drivers discussing their sentiments about the country's political system. Despite having a degree in Economics, I have to admit that I don't enjoy political related discussions. I'm starting to feel bored when someone claims that our country's form of government should be revised. The best structure is like this and that.... My attention is going somewhere else. I have always been a firm believer of the rule of parsimony. The simplest is always the best. At the end of the day, all I wanted is for everyone to do their job and for someone to finally improve the country's infrastructures and transport system. Those platforms about poverty, children, senior citizens no longer appeal to me. I wanted someone who can understand the domino effect of having a state-of-the-art infrastructures and a very efficient transport system. I have also been listening to debates and TV show interviews and so far, I haven't found the candidate who shared my sentiments.  

I have Facebook friends who imposed their own social media "breakdown" or hiatus. They claimed to have been saturated and irritated with the entire election saga. While I can understand the feeling of seeing the same articles over and over again, I sometimes feel entertained whenever a Facebook friends defends his / her preferred candidate. Hahaha Also, I don't see the need to voluntarily submit to temporarily deactivating social media accounts. Com'on, you cannot afford to miss anything these days in Facebook!

And while I'm talking about elections, I'm sharing here the building that becomes the busiest in times like this. I love Palacio Gobernador, the building that houses the Commission on Elections (COMELEC). 

A few days ago, I learned about the fresh college graduate who managed to hack COMELEC's information website. The kid was arrested in his own home, much to his father's surprise. I have to admit something. While the kid has to be punished under the rules of law, part of me admires his capability. If I was the kid's professor on his major IT subjects, part of me will surely feel proud. I know! I know! I was aware that capabilities should be devoted for good use. But still, part of me admires the kid. Consequently, I felt irritated that our government agency cannot even protect their own website.

Setting aside the election fever, here's my recent haul from the The Face Shop. Among the various Korea Beauty shops operating in the country, this has to be my favorite. I scored everything almost free. I used the accumulated points from my lifestyle card. Hooray! And thank you to the sales associate from Gateway Mall branch who suggested checking the points from my card.

The great Nivea sale! - I was one of the many hoarders consumers who took advantage of their 50% off on all items. Also, thank you to Ash and Muff for my personalized blanket..... and for those who might be wondering, yes I use the "bottom" ointment for a variety of purposes Hahahaha Surprisingly it can serve as a skin moisturizer for me. 

I received so many postcards this week. Thank you Marieken and Terra! 

As someone who works for a Catholic school, I have the privilege to experience retreats and recollections every year. Years ago, we used to be brought to Caleruega. We have a spiritual and out of town break at the same time. This year, we only had a half-day recollection at the auditorium. It was a short session but everything felt so meaningful for the first time. Hats off to our recollection master, Fr. Filemon dela Cruz, O.P.!!!! He appeared to me as the kindest and wisest grandpa we all wanted to have. 

After the recollection, we were given a rosary and a small wooden cross as souvenirs. I have received recollection souvenirs for a decade already and I have to say, this was the best I received. I love the concept of the Holding Cross. I love that it appreciates and values the silent and unsaid prayers. The cross would also make it as a great gift for friends and loved ones suffering serious illnesses or undergoing a major crisis. 

And lastly, I've been addicted and obsessed with wine and cheese lately... added to this my attempts to create a creative ensemble from the objects at home.