As much as I wanted to blog about restaurants and food establishments, I rarely visit any these days. On weekdays, I treat myself to at least one nice meal from my typical list of fastfood chains. On weekends, I try my best to eat healthy home cooked meals. There are times when I resort to food delivery, which surely tastes and feels so monotonous. A few days ago, I received an email from the team behind Pipa Brick Oven Pizza and Pasta. I got curious with their concept of fried pizza. It sounds too oily and sinful, but never mind. Hahaha Life is too short not to enjoy great food. While my glutton self wanted to respond to the invitation, I had apprehensions attributed to location issues. In my mind, this might be another restaurant thriving down south. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the place is right inside my hometown. Yooohoo! Hence, I decided to drop by the place on one lazy Sunday afternoon. 

Don't ever wear stripes especially in black and white if you have plans of dining here ;) I made the stupid mistake Hahaha

For a small food establishment, I immediately noticed the variety of pizza and pasta products in the menu. The generous selections are great. Pipa's specialty is their innovated thin crust pizza. Imagine your pizza being fried and later, baked in a classic brick oven. Everything sounds appealing but as mentioned, I was a little concerned about the oil. Fried begets lots of oil leading to cholesterol. While my triglycerides level are still normal, my weight is not. Hahaha I have been overweight but in God's mercy, my last executive check up still related that I can enjoy a sinful life. :P

Don't you just love the names in the menu? :p

The place allows you to assign your own table name. Cute! Ours was named after our favourite pet dog. 

As recommended by one of their staff, we ordered Pipa Pasta. We loved this red sauce pasta. The noodles were perfect and we love the creamy texture of the sauce. The only drawback, the serving is quite small for someone with a huge appetite. But with the cost of only Php 99, I believe this is already a great deal. 

It was a little challenging to choose which pizza to try. We again opted for their best seller, Many Pacquiao Supreme. 

So this is their signature thin crust pizza, fried and baked in a brick oven. Maybe my picture does not do justice, but this was one of the best decisions I made in my entire life. (Okay, I'm a little exaggerated Hahaha) The meat and vegetable were fresh. The pizza sauce was perfect. Not too overwhelming. And best of all, the pizza was not exaggeratedly oily. My "oily" expectations did not happen. Hahaha How come? As proof to it, the paper lining used for the pizza was not totally submerged with oil. The pizza likewise did not cause the usual oil residue on my fingers. Typing this, I suddenly remember my dearest Korean friend, Jenny. My friend can't help but notice that most pizzas in the Philippines consume so much oil. I would surely bring Jenny to this place if I discovered it earlier. 

We took home two more flavours, Whitney Houston Pizza (dabbed as the White Pizza) and the Baconor Mcgregor. Both two tasted great and even got the approval of my health conscious parents. My mother can't believe that the pizza was fried at all. Everyone at home loved the "less grease" and the crunchiness of the crust. For those who prefer thin crust pizza, you will love Pipa's version of fried and baked. The crunchy crust was something new for me. As told by Chef Don, they claim to be the first in the Philippines to introduce this innovation. I also learned that Chef Don majored in culinary arts, worked abroad and this pizza innovation was his passion, which in fact became his thesis project and now, a promising business. 

I was also introduced to their signature Pipa Spice.  Originally developed by their team, the spice is a mixture of homegrown herbs and spices that complements their pizza. 

Also ordered a bottle of John Lemon or home brewed iced tea

And because I was curious with and fried and baked pizza, I asked Chef Don if I can view the process from the kitchen. 

All their pizza were made from scratch... The crust is produced and not outsourced from a supplier. I was amazed on how he was able to arrive at the perfect shape and size for the oval pizza. Even though I saw the entire process, I felt that Chef Don did some #NinjaMoves :)

The crust is later deep fried 

The ingredients are placed on the pizza and baked in a classic brick oven.

For dessert, we tried the Kim Kardashian. Cookies, ice cream and grilled marshmallows... I died! It was difficult for two persons to finish this treat. :)

The team behind Pipa Brick Oven Pizza and Pasta

I have to crop myself in the photo. #OverweightProblems Hahaha I swear, I look so huge with them. I can pass as the ultimate Tita with them. The thing is, how can everyone remain so thin with all the great pizza and pasta around? Hahaha 

Big thanks to Chef Don, Alie and the entire team of Pipa Brick Oven Pizza and Pasta for inviting me.

Pipa Brick Oven Pizza and Pasta is located at 59 E. de La Paz St. San Roque Marikina City. The stretch of E. de la Paz St. is quite long. It starts from the border of San Roque to Calumpang until the Marikina Public Market. If you have your own car, use Waze to lead you to the place. Commuters can easily reach the place too. Jeepneys bound to Marikina Market, Cubao or Barangka, which originated from the routes of Pasig or Calumpang directly passes to E. de la Paz St. An easier alternative take the brown or maroon tricycles near the Marikina City Hall. 

Pipa Brick Oven Pizza and Pasta is still on their soft opening stage. Although all items in the menu are already available. The Php 99 pizza and pasta will not last a lifetime. Friends, #walangForever Hahaha Take advantage of their on going promo while it still lasts.

Check out Pipa House's on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Zomato