Pardon the repetitive posts. I promise, this will be the last time I will blog about Descendants of the Sun and Song Joong Ki. This Korean drama series is already over, but KBS prepared a three part special for the succeeding weeks. A little treat for the fans who can't get over the series. I read a number of reviews and I don't intend to contribute another one. I will surely end writing a biased review, especially for Song Joong Ki. ;) I will instead enumerate the reasons why I love this drama series.

1. It's Song Joong Ki - Like how many times his name appeared in this blog. I love him ever since I saw him in Innocent Man. I read his acting portfolio and discovered how he transitioned from small roles.  

2. The transition of events - I dread drama series with 50 episodes and counting. I already lost the patience for series (even US based) with excessive number of episodes.

3. I love the cinematography - I'm not even sure if its called cinematography. But I love how the colours and texture of the drama series. If everything translates to an Instagram photo, I love the filters and edits used in the filming. And how could I not appreciate Greece? For those who have dreams of visiting the country, watching the drama series is a good idea to spoil your fantasies. 

4. The stories of the supporting characters are not irritating - Although I'm still partial to the other love team, I love the side stories of the other characters. I love the combination of humour and short heart warming scenes. 

5. Just the right amount of suspense - Prior to watching DOTS, I finished Yong Pal whose level of suspense made me nervous all the time. I was expecting the same for DOTS, given that the story evolved within the setting of danger and emergency cases. Surprisingly, DOTS never gave me those restless moments. Although it was already expected that something tragic is about to unfold in every episode, everything was presented in a lighter and gradual approach. 

6. Humour element - with all the cheesiness around. For those who hate "cheese," there were a number of instances when everything was all about the cheesiness of the two lead characters.

7. The lead actor is not an impossible case of Jack of all trades - I love that Song Joong Ki was presented as a real human being at some point. There were times in the drama series when Song Joong Ki was not the lead savior. He was simply a great leader who acknowledged and trusted an excellent subordinate. To be more particular, when it was "Snoopy's" turn to detonate the bomb.  

8. Tales of friendship - I love it when the troop of doctor friends supported each other. In particular, when they treat the enemy of one as the enemy of the entire group. Likewise with Song Joong Ki and his troop. My favourite part was when they rescued the "kidnap victim." Song Joong Ki initially went on his own to accomplish the secret mission. Along the way, his comrades, "Snoopy," "Harry Potter," "Wolf," and "Piccolo"followed. We got your back Captain! I love the teamwork and how each of them cared for each other.... which I rarely experience these days. #Hugot ;)

If you landed here because of reviews and articles about Descendants of the Sun, thanks a lot. :) I swear, you will never regret watching the drama series.