I'm watching the special episodes of Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) on KBS World while typing this. Heehee When will I ever stop talking about this drama series? You have to bear with me because I have no one to talk about it within my immediate surroundings. :p I'm trying to search other drama series of Song Joong Ki. I remember watching Secret Love (SungKyunKwan Scandal) a few times back when it was aired in one of our local channels. I love that his character is a little bit funny but annoying hahaha

Watching DOTS made me notice the unique make up of some female characters. I was particularly interested with the dewy Korean look. At first, I thought it looks so oily and shiny. It is not suited for tropical countries like the Philippines, either you will look oily or oilier. Hahaha The worst, you might look like a roasted pig, especially if your have the classic morena skin with a huge face like me. Hahaha Over time though, I'm beginning to love this make up style. I noticed that it makes the the skin looks healthier. Unfortunately, the look is suited for countries with colder temperature. They tend to appreciate the dewy look because more often than not, skin gets really dry on colder weather.

A few days after the submission of my students' final grades, I was able to view my semesteral evaluation. Thank you for the positive feedback. It's a little proof that I didn't mess up over the past months. With the country's transition to the K-12 system, there is a significant chance that I will not be able to teach for two years. This made me rethink and reassess some parts of my career plans.

Still related to teaching, I met a former student this week. This student discovered my freelance work about research writing. He was interested in hiring me for a project. Unfortunately, I felt discouraged during our conversation. He was haggling my professional fee. Truth to be told, this is one of my pet peeves among potential clients. I'm not sure about other freelancers, but I feel degraded whenever a client is trying to pull down my professional fee, especially those who tend to appear too imposing. I'm turned off by clients who tend to underestimate the kind of work I offer. I understand the monetary concerns. However, too much haggling tend to make the freelancer feel inferior and underestimated. Professional services are not some mass produced goods. There is no economies of scale involved in professional work. Freelancers treat each client as an individual case. More so, it took months of experience and training before professional freelancers developed their expertise.

This week, I had the opportunity to visit a place away from Manila. We had our annual company outing in Anilao, Batangas. A few days before the outing, there were some unexpected events, announcements and realisations that came along the way. A friend at the workplace announced of her plans of "moving on." Just when I said that I don't have a lot of friends at the workplace, here comes another reason to emphasize it. I hate farewells and looks like another melodramatic episode for me. A month ago, we even had this "table" joke. Of those rare events at the workplace, we always find ourselves in a secluded table. More often than not, no other colleagues wanted to share our table. We are starting to tag ourselves with different adjectives. I'm beginning to believe that we are tagged as the official witches and bitches at the workplace. :P

This is probably the last summer outing when the bitches and witches are complete.

And here are other beautiful things that made the past week

My second Hua Mulan comb - I will make a review of this wooden comb I discovered courtesy of the witches and bitches.

I love the mild floral scent of this body spray from Marks and Spencer which retails for Php 350. There's a perfume version I have yet to try.

It's a P-COCK! Hahahahahaha Thank you Mother E for helping me acquire another vintage find.

A few days ago, a friend tagged me to visit a relative staying at Sofitel Philippine Plaza.

How fast time flies. It's already the second and last month of summer. The best way to start May is to take a leave from work. Hahahaha I'm consuming my vacation leave credits one at a time before it becomes forfeited.

Wishing everyone a great month ahead!