I believe it was a year ago when my friends introduced me to Hua Mulan Combs. I used to ignore Hua Mulan's kiosk in SM Megamall. I never bothered to inquire because I made the assumption that everything is expensive. But when my friends introduced me to their basic wooden combs, only then I discovered that not everything in Hua Mulan is expensive. They have the most expensive combs that retails for thousands of pesos, but there are versions for as low as Php 150. If you are quite lucky, you can even acquire a piece below Php 100 during a mall wide sale. 

All Hua Mulan combs are stored in this orientally designed boxes. The expensive combs around Php 400 comes with a complimentary velvet pouch. My first Hua Mulan Comb was featured in one of my Sunday posts. I love that comb so much. Unfortunately, I accidentally sat on it and the ending, it multiplied :p broke and got divided to two parts. Satisfied with my first comb, I bought two replacements. I got the classic massage comb and the integrated ebony comb. 

Here's a description of the Hua Mulan combs. 

And some words of advertising :) 

The three types of wooden combs described and explained

I purchased the integrated ebony comb as the initial replacement of my first comb. This is quite expensive, relative to the peachwood comb. Though honestly, I didn't notice any difference between the two. Hence, if you have plans of buying any of Hua Mulan's combs, I suggest trying the cheaper peachwood. 

The things I appreciate about the comb, it does not cause those painful sensations when combing. As someone who always have thick, tangled and coarse hair, combing would always mean experiencing those painful pulling sensations. This is especially true with the classic plastic comb or even the metal hair doctor I grew up with. The wooden comb also tends to cause a natural glide on my hair. It does not claim to reduce or avoid tangles but at the very least, detangling becomes easier with this wooden comb. I also noticed that combing and detangling after bath is easier, faster and less painful. In our recent beach trip, I was able to prove its advantage. It was easier to comb the hair after having been exposed to sunlight and saltwater.

I'm not sure if some of you have noticed, the teeth or bristles of the wooden comb was carved in a circular shape. It is not pointed, contrary to the typical plastic combs. This can probably explain why combing is causing lesser pain.

The few bloggers I read claimed that these wooden combs tend to make their hair shinier. I didn't initially buy the idea until I started using it. I noticed that the comb has the tendency to spread the natural oil of my hair. Months after using it, I noticed that my scalp has been less dry. I initially attributed everything to the hair serum I'm using. Maybe the comb has the capability to evenly spread oil on the hair. I was able to verify everything during the weekends when I don't wear any hair serum or leave on at home. For some unexplained reasons, I felt some oil fragments on my scalp months after continuously using the comb. My scalp was not as dry as it used to be. 

I also tried the massage comb to verify if it really works. Unlike the other wooden combs, this version has loose bristles. Each bristle was carefully inserted to the comb's frame. Also, the massage comb comes in two versions. One has sharper and pointed bristles, the other was designed to be flatter and rounder. I got the second version because I was trying to avoid the possibility of experiencing painful sensations with the pointed bristles. 

The strokes of the massage comb is way different. It caused some prickling and stinging sensations on my scalp. More so, if you are using the pointed and sharper versions. However what surprised me was the after effect of combing. There's an unexplained refreshing and cooling sensation after using the massage comb. 

Because I was overwhelmed with the after effects of the massage comb, I began using it everyday. Unfortunately, two of the bristles broke down after a few days. I forced the comb to detangle my thick and coarse split ends. Only to later realise, the bristles were not meant for strong and heavy detangling. I'm a little disappointed though. It proves that the bristles are not made for the battlefield :p My only consolation, the massage combs are covered by the company's lifetime warranty. I can return them for repair or replacement. 

Overall, I'm satisfied with the wooden combs. It didn't work wonders, like keeping my hair straighter and more manageable. My only wish is that it can really prevent the growth of white hair. In the months I have used it,  I believe it didn't because I can still see white hair sprouting from my scalp. Although to be fair, we all know that the emergence of white hair is inevitable and is induced by old age and stress. 

What I appreciate about the wooden combs, its capability to give an easier and painless combing experience. 

Hua Mulan combs can be purchased from their kiosks in SM Megamall, SM North Edsa and Robinsons Place Ermita. Online purchases can be made via Lazada Philippines.