Happy Mother's Day to all my mother friends! Shout out goes to Mother E!, Terra, Namemate Dianne, Wilma, Jeannie and Sharon! I celebrated Mother's Day a day earlier with my own Nanay. We went out yesterday because I have work plans for the succeeding days. I have deadlines arising from the blessing of another set of freelance works. This batch of work came in perfect timing because I don't have a teaching job on the side and as always, an opportunity to earn is a welcome addition. I thought treating my Nanay for dinner on Saturday was perfect. Only to later be tested by the prolonged travel hours. Traffic was everywhere, brought about by the last minute trail of the campaign period. To say that traffic was hell was even an understatement. Me and Nanay ended in Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. Food was good, service was great. 

Meanwhile at home, I took a day off last Monday. Best decision ever! I love the third photo because I was literally having a relaxing seat, while looking up the sky.  I enjoyed my short quiet time at home in my father's garden. I noticed that harvest season is about to come, as most trees are starting to bear fruits. My parent's long term dream is to  make everything we eat at home from that garden.

In the middle of the work week, I was reminded of a major setback a year ago. Part of me felt happy and relieved. It was over. Unfortunately, I can't help but feel a degree of pain in some instances. I can't say that I have finally rendered forgiveness and closure. It's not easy, especially when salt is added to wounds that are still struggling to be healed. What I know for sure, I'm trying my best to be fair, truthful and honest to my sentiments. Because I wanted to distract myself of better things, I dropped by the mall and you can probably sense what happened next. :p I discovered and fell in love with the HelloLulu Bags! I love the structure and minimalist design of this HelloLulu tote and backpacks. I will prepare a separate post about my first HelloLulu bag.

Before the week ended, I had dinner with my former students. They were part of the first batch of college kiddies I handled. I was still in my early 20s when I started teaching. I can't believe that these kids have already surpassed their mid 20s. Talk about signs of aging! Hahahaha  We ate at Yellow Cab and discovered the Mother's Day postcards. And for those who know me well, I'm a sucker for beautiful postcards moreso, if it's free! Yes, you can get those Mother's Day postcards from any branch of Yellow Cab Pizza for free. No need to purchase. Upon examination of the card, I learned the collaboration of Yellow Cab Pizza and Zalora Philippines. As seen in the photo, Yellow Cab's discount code provides a Php 300 discount for a minium purchase of Php 1,500 in Zalora. As an added treat, Yellow Cab is sponsoring a Mother's Day Instagram contest. Check out the details here

And lastly, this is what weekends are made of. Thank you Grey and Bailey  :)