Current Mood ... or probably my week long mood : worried and irritated. Much of these were attributed to the aftermath of the national election. Over the past months, my Facebook and Twitter feeds were filled with sentiments about everyone's choice for the highest position in the country. I want to believe that everything will subside after the election. However, I'm aware that everything will intensify on the succeeding days.  What I have not expected, the outpour of election related posts seemed seem to further escalate. I promised not to become another contributor, but the child of this "candidate" was too hard to ignore. I cannot imagine how the children of these "candidates" have become so tactless, foul mouthed and (apologies) stupid. Given that most of these kids were brought to expensive and prestigious universities abroad. This just proves that sometimes, money can't really acquire everything. 

In the middle of the week, I was dismayed with the attitude of this popular celebrity and blogger. It felt like I was able to open a can of worms beneath her smart, elegant and welcoming personality. Disappointing. Same as with a schoolmate who made me doubt if we really studied in the same all girls school. Hahaha As far as I know, we share the same teacher in Philippine History. We used the same reference materials, attended and exposed to a number of fora about human rights violations and watched countless documentaries about the darkest years of the country.  As much as I respect her opinion, part of me feels regret and disappointment.

Setting aside these election related sentiments, let me share the few beautiful things that made the past week.

We had Yellow Cab delivery to start the weekend. I was able to finish some freelance works last Saturday. I figured out this was a good way to celebrate with my family.

I received some nice vintage postcards from Marieken and Terra. And contrary to the principles of KonMari, I acquired another unnecessary stuff again. Hahaha I took home this cute plush toy from a trade fair. 

The blue stamps! Thank you Marieken for the rare shades of blue stamps.

The last photo was produced by accident. It made me remember my growing up years when (you might not believe me), I wanted to become a fashion designer. Hahaha I used to draw and sketch a lot. Every one predicted that I will take Fine Arts in college. Somewhere along the way, I can't remember how it happened. My interests shifted to writing. I remember telling my mother I wanted to become a journalist. When it was time to go to the university, I ended pursuing a degree in Economics.  After four years, I become a corporate slave who tries her best to become a good teacher, frustrated photographer / stylist and a freelance writer. Don't ask me to explain everything. :p

Writing this, it made me question myself what I really wanted to become. A few months ago, I was having this conversation with my friend, MFA. She gave me two options

a. a rich girl with poor grammar
b. a poor girl with impeccable English grammar

I need to choose. I told her that I wouldn't chose any because none of my goals were provided. When asked what I really wanted, I told her I want to marry a rich, smart and handsome guy like Song Joong Ki..... which unfortunately does not exist in reality. HAHAHAHAHA

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

P.S. This is the first time I published a Sunday post on a Monday. I made the stupid mistake of overlooking time and not hitting the publish button. Now look who has become stupid? Hahaha The title of this post now perfectly fits me. Hahaha