I cannot remember where did I exactly learn about The Book Stop Project. The nearest I can recall is is within the newsfeed of my Facebook account. I saw the concept being installed in the gardens of Ayala Triangle.

The Book Stop Project is a mobile and open library that implements a complete honesty system. Anyone can borrow or exchange books, no need for identification and other documents. In order to increase and maintain its collections, everyone is encouraged to donate books. 

I was surprised to see a number of college kiddies eagerly browsing and enjoying the few collections left. A proof that there's still love and life to print! My attention was also caught by a few street kids sharing and enjoying the hardbound picture books. And contrary to your fears, they didn't take away the books. I stayed for a while and was amazed by the discipline instilled on them. They returned and even volunteered to arrange the books on the shelves. 

I highly encourage everyone to share a few items from your book collections. The place is also a good avenue for the KonMari disciples. :p If you have books that do not anymore spark joy, leave it on the shelves of The Book Project. It will surely give joy to another eager reader. Some of your books may just be consuming space, collecting dust and mites. Give your old and excess books a new life by sharing them to another hungry reader. :) There are no restrictions as to the type of book you can donate. But of course, the project may not be the best place for your FHM magazines and the like. :p As I have said, the library is open for anyone .... even for kids. :) 

The Book Stop Project is currently housed at Plaza de Roma in Intramuros, Manila. It's the park fronting the Manila Cathedral, Palacio del Gobernador (the building that houses the Commission on Elections) and restored building of Ayutamiento de Manila (currently the home of Bureau of Treasury). I love the location because I'm one of the few old souls who still appreciate parks with a backdrop of the old and magnificent architectural structures of Manila. 

I can offer a little assistance for those who want to share their books.. You can send a few books to my address and I can leave the books for you. Just feel free to drop me an email. Although I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO VISIT and EXPERIENCE the sharing process for yourself. Your visit to Intramuros will not go to waste after all. There are several things to do in Intramuros.

The Fort Santiago is just across the street of Plaza Roma. A few blocks from the Manila Cathedral is the San Agustin Church that houses its own museum, classic cobblestones, Silahis Center, Babara's Restaurant, Puerta Real Garden, and the famous walls that give you a picture perfect view of Manila. Just ensure that you bring a fully charged camera and mobile phone. Your Instagram and Facebook feed will look good after a trip from Intramuros. :p Skip the mall on one weekend and spend a day tour in Intramuros.

Credit goes to WTA Architecture and Design Studio for the structure of The Book Stop Project. You can directly contact them should you wish to become a regular book donor. 

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