Before the past week ended, the news about the Brexit referendum was everywhere. At least not in my Facebook newsfeed. I guess this brings me to the conclusion that more often than not, my newsfeed is filled with petty and annoying items. Hahaha I can't exactly remember where and when did I first hear about the referendum. The nearest I can recall is from BBC. Probably one of those days when I was switching TV channels after work. I don't want to discuss the implications of the Brexit. There are surely more knowledgeable beings to present and relate this historic event. However, part of me imagines the endless after events. I'm interested on the micro level effects. How the locals, immigrants, and local businesses will be affected. In the academe or even the side of investigative journalism, these times call for a lot of research and case studies. If you are a student, I believe there's a diverse menu of research topics waiting to be served. As of typing this, UK's stock market is not doing well. At this point, the Philippine economy is not adversely affected. However, when recession comes in (which I hope will not happen) it surely means a different story... even for our local economy. Remember, we have a number of OFWs in UK.

Meanwhile, here are the few beautiful things that made the past week

Morning Treats and a great read - The rare times I'm on a reading streak. I can't remember when was the last time I was so eager to finish my pile of reads. Also, it was one of the rare times when two consecutive books impressed me. Wonder by RJ Palacio almost made me cry. Wonder is like Diary of a Wimpy Kid with a heart. I highly recommend the book for anyone, especially to parents with special kids. And that plate of silvannas, I finished everything by myself :p

Fire floss from Bread Talk - Who else here loves Bread Talk's floss series? Years ago, I was very intimidated with Bread Talk's shops. I thought everything inside is expensive. When I had a little money to spare, I decided to try Bread Talk. The breads sold aren't cheap but it wasn't expensive as I was expecting it on a few types of fabric.

Postcard from Marieken - I feel a little guilty because I have been receiving the nicest postcards from Marieken every week. I love this vintage inspired scene. Thank you Marieken!

Excerpts from Dog of Flanders - A very sad story that has touched my heart. I love both the book and cartoons.

The Dog of Flanders plate collection - I just need one more design to complete this!!!

Useful find from Japan Home - Disposable underarm pads save the day!!! I discovered this a few months ago and I quite regret not hoarding more packs. The pads can save you from having wet underarms. As someone who sweats a lot, I can vouch for the effectiveness of these disposable pads. The things I don't like though, I find it expensive at Php 88, quite tricky to attach the pads and the adhesive tend to cause discoloration on the inner side of the blouse. The adhesive tend to peel off the color and cause white pigments.

This touching video produced by Breeze Philippines - Did you also cry?

Petite Orange Bunny's Instagram account - A few months ago, I encountered articles about the difficulty of acquiring that much coveted Hermes bag, particularly the Birkin or Kelly. I learned that more than the money, there's a mysterious screening process that sales associates implement. Bottomline, Hermes stores do not sell bags to everyone. You have to show that image of being "deserving" to acquire one. This Instagram fashion blogger from Hong Kong shared her experiences before she managed to own the popular Kelly bag. Read about her story here and here

Life of the "oldest millennials - I'm part of this hahahaha Childhood shown in 10 seconds.

Read the inspiring story of Colonel Sanders here  - One thing I learned, entrepreneurship does not choose any age.

The rare times I don't have anything to do on weekends. No freelance works which somehow make me sad. :p I miss the thrill of deadlines and the more importantly, the additional money in the bank. I was able to watch two movies this Sunday. The movie adaptation of John Green's Paper Towns was just fine. Although I have to admit something. Margo really annoyed me and I was surprised to find this discussion thread in Goodreads. If I read the book, I would have probably understood her more. I also watched The Good Dinosaur. Disney never fails! I have low expectations, but the movie left heartwarming messages... especially for those who remain to be kids at heart.

Tomorrow will be the last week of June. Half of 2016 is indeed over and I keep asking myself, what have I accomplish over the past months? Nothing. Hahahaha Nothing except for the freelance works and as always the beautiful things in my Sunday post.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!