I have finally watched Me Before You. I haven't read the book though. While the film is great, I felt bothered. A few weeks ago, I linked an article that expresses a different take about the movie. Apparently, euthanasia was a significant part of the story. I will spare everyone about the details. Although  it can be easily googled these days. I was surprised to discover that there are indeed euthanasia facilities operating among a few European countries. In fact the"mercy killing facility" used in the movie was not fiction at all. They have a corporate website that even boasts statistics of their past clients. What's more revealing, I discovered the "aided suicide" process and the sky rocketing fees of the services involved. I have no words.

Moving on, June has finally ended. While half of the year was gone, the stories and chapters of my life aren't. June felt like one of the longest months this year. There were troughs and peaks, but most are filled with troughs of different struggles. It was in June when I was forced to become an adult. Old life changing plans were suddenly revived. And along the way, I wouldn't deny that there were sad and self-pity moments again. The silver lining of all these challenges, there were unexpected people who came. I wasn't aware that there were people who cared for my family. I'm humbled and speechless. To everyone who came, thank you so much. I may not have rendered my deepest gratitude but everyone is surely included in my silent prayers. 

Setting side all these serious concerns, here are a few beautiful things that made my week

Lychees, postcards and weekends - I went home late last Friday because I discovered a horrible mistake in the report I have submitted. I didn't want to leave the mess behind. So while everyone was enjoying Friday night, I tried to fix everything. On the way home, I passed by a sidewalk vendor with his last kilos of lychees. It was one of the best things that happened to my Php 30. Hahahaha It's been a while since I last had lychees. After the horrendous Friday traffic, I saw a pile of new postcards on my desk. Thank you Terra and Marieken!

Lucy Van Pelt, postcards again and Ricoa's Curly Tops - I scored the Lucy Van Pelt toy from the newly opened Mc Donald's near the workplace. I felt it was a great deal for Php 25. It was a little late for me to discover that the toy can actually talk :p It says a few of Lucy's famous sarcastic lines. Hahahaha Thank you Terra for the postcard. And the Curly Tops chocolate from Ricoa is a forever favorite. I wouldn't even trade it for any other imported brand Hahaha

Postcard from Marieken and a few of my favorite items lately - Can't believe that the beautiful postcard is a giveaway. This reminds me, how many establishments in the Philippines will bother to make beautiful postcards and give it away for free? The personalized keychain is a wedding souvenir from the owners of Ash and Muff.  

Monogram Overload - My love for monogrammed items!!! Thanks again Ash and Muff :)

The Royal Mint - Thank you Mother E for joining my last shopping escapade. Hahahaha This commemorative item from The Royal Mint is so priceless. I will reveal the content on my next post. :P

I already feel sleepy while typing this post. I wanted to related more stories, but my eyes are not cooperating.  Tomorrow is another long day. Hopefully, it will be a good one.

Happy Sunday and a great week ahead to everyone!