I've been a fan of the Tale of Peter Rabbit since childhood days. Back then, I only love the story. It was only during my High School days when I started to see Peter Rabbit merchandise. It started with a few classmates carrying canvas totes with Peter Rabbit illustrations. Years passed, I don't remember seeing any Peter Rabbit merchandise. It's a rare commodity in the Philippines, maybe because only a few here appreciate Peter Rabbit. Fast forward now, Instagram has opened a new world for me. A shopaholic world for Peter Rabbit merchandise! It started with the Peter Rabbit plates and later, #PeterRabbit made me discover the commemorative coins. Intrigued with the coins, I googled details and the rest is another story of credit card debt again. Hahahaha  #Truth

I acquired the coin from The Royal Mint, the official producer and distributor of coins and medals. In celebration of Beatrix Potter's 150th birthday, the Royal Mint issued eight different designs. Surprisingly, the most expensive sets are all sold out. Did I just say that there are only a few Peter Rabbit fans? 

The coin also features the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. So this is a treat for those who both love Peter Rabbit and the Queen. You can see all the Peter Rabbit coins here.  If my financial resources are endless, I would love to buy the remaining sets. But if I would pick another one, I would love to have the version bearing Beatrix Potter's insignia. After all, it's her birthday that is celebrated.

For those who are interested to acquire the coin, you can buy directly from The Royal Mint here. But if you can't wait for more than one month of shipping to the Philippines and the possibility of being heavily charged by the Customs Office, I know a legit local seller. Drop me an email if you are interested. :)