Me and my friend A have been planning to have a hotel staycation for the longest time. Our usual problem, more than the schedule is the $$$$$ :p I was always in the look for great deals from Agoda. More often than not, we end up too late for the deals. And as always, financial considerations is always there to ruin everything. Hahaha  I can't exactly remember how we landed in Microtel Mall of Asia. As far as I can remember, I was browsing Agoda's deals and the cheapest I found was from Microtel. What made us decide to go for Microtel is the inclusive package (room with a view, two separate beds, breakfast) for less  than Php 5,000. 

Microtel belongs to the cluster of economy hotels. We didn't mind because that's how far our budget can afford Hahahaha and we have other plans, apart from lounging in the hotel. Unfortunately, it was profusely raining when we checked in. Hence our other plans were scrapped off. We end up strolling around SM Mall of Asia (that is full of construction and renovation projects), bought a lot of junk foods, ate the best chicken wings and watched TV all night long... while enjoying the seaside view.

We enjoyed our stay at Microtel, except for some minor concerns. We arrived a little late than our check in time. If my estimates are correct, a little past 2:30 pm. A little disappointment came, we were informed that our room was not yet ready. The waiting time was tolerable though. When we finally reached our room, another problem surprised us. The air-conditioning unit was not properly working. I requested to be moved to another room instead. Unfortunately, it took me three phone calls before our request was finally granted. When we moved to another room, I was able to confirm minor lapses from the hotel's end. The second room was complete with toiletries, sachets of coffee and some bottled water. While I maybe demanding a lot from an economy hotel, I also noticed an unlikely odor inside the room. It smelled like the room has not been ventilated for a while. But never mind, we left our things and bought some items from SM Mall of Asia. 

Customer service wise, the utility personnel who helped us transfer rooms was great. What didn't impress me though, the ladies in the Front Desk. Yes, unfortunately.... I wasn't contented with the lady who initially handled my complaint about the malfunctioning air-conditioning unit. Upon check out, the on duty lady receptionist annoyed me to a little extent. I was the lone guest waiting in the front desk area for check out. The lady receptionist was attending a phone call on the other end of the desk. After the phone call, I handed the keycard for check out. She didn't bother to extend her hand or at the very least, approach me. Instead, I was forced to move near her. Considering the fact that I waited and it will be inconvenient for me to approach her ..... I have to give thumbs down for front desk services. 

On the positive side, we enjoyed our comfiest and spacious beds, the seaside view, unlimited and reliable wifi services that extends to the rooms,  complimentary breakfast buffet. (excellent selections) and the hourly shuttle services to Mall of Asia.