The past week was probably one of the longest in my life .... in a positive way. For a change, hahahahaha and probably for the first time, I'm writing something positive. It started on Monday when I took a leave from work. Monday was part of my staycation with my friend A. We watched TV all night long, woke up without the alarms from our mobile phone, had a sumptuous breakfast from the hotel, and enjoyed the mall without the crowd. I was also able to finally find my own copy of I'll Give You the Sun. The Godiva Chocolates were from my friend A. It's not everyday when you can see an expensive brand of chocolates inside our ref. Thanks A! Everyone at home appreciated the rare appearance of the expensive box. Hahaha 

I blogged about the Peter Rabbit coin in my previous post. I cannot anymore deny that I have a growing and wallet wrecking Peter Rabbit collection. I used to be addicted with the commemorative plates. This time however, I wanted to focus on the books and Peter Rabbit dolls. 

Of all the letters I wish to send - I almost thought I would end June without writing letters and sending postcards to my dearest friends. Work schedule, rainy day afternoons, financial constraints, I've been avoiding writing letters for a while. Before June ended, I'm glad that I was able to break my silence. 

Missing my family - Have you seen my family picture? Hahahahahaha My belly is the screaming proof of my membership! Hahahaha But seriously, I look lighter in that photo. I've seen my tagged pictures in Facebook lately.... I cringe. I gained another 5 lbs since that photo was taken. How to? How to not lose weight, rather, how to unlike Coke, potato chips, cake slices, and all those mortal sins? Beneath the photo is a major throwback. Upon organizing my things, I saw my first ever payslip!!!!

Loving the colder temperature - It has been raining in Manila for over a week. There were days when work and classes were suspended. Setting aside the hassles of traffic and commuting, I love the colder temperature brought by the rainy season. Pillows, blankets and a great read, priceless! Despite all the grown up worries, the colder temperature has been conducive in giving me the rest I badly needed. 

Months ago, I had a conversation with another friend. She shared an article suggesting ways on how to avoid sadness, self-pity and depression. The article recommended avoiding exposure on Facebook and other social media platforms. Once in a while you see photos of friends showcasing their achievements in life: new house, car, work promotion and other milestones that often define the parameters of "success." In one way or another, seeing the success of my friends brings a degree of self-pity. For some, they simply call it as envy. I will not argue about the element of envy. However, I will not deny that at some point, I'm also attacked by self-pity whenever I see Facebook friends of my age sharing their own success stories. This is actually one reason why I start to appreciate Instagram than Facebook. Twitter is good, except when I see agitating tweets enough to ruin my day. Hahahaha I hope people will not get me wrong. I'm not wishing that everyone will refrain from posting their stories of success. It's just that somewhere along the way... I can't help but wish that I'll have my own story of success too. Not to brag on Facebook, but something to remind me that once in a while, I have done something good.