For the lack of adjective... it's complicated. This was how the past week went. I wouldn't say that having that element of being complicated is bad. There were sources and instances of negativities. But mostly are made of situations I underestimated. What I thought as a simple problem happens to have more problems underneath. What I initially perceived easy, wasn't. For the longest time, I thought I was able to defeat the challenge. Only to later discover, I just overcame a level of what seems to be an endless pit of painful learning experiences. 

I also relearned the meaning of trust. It's a given fact that betrayal ruins trusts. This week though, I discovered that sometimes, you don't need to feel betrayed to lose the trust you have invested. Actions and other forms of unsaid languages ironically speaks and screams more.

If I had things my way, I would have preferred to discuss and confront issues. The past years, I learned that I cannot engage everyone to open communication. Along the way, I have unintentionally offended a few because I chose to express my sentiments. I find it very ironic how some people would demand honesty and loyalty ... yet at the end of the day, they cannot even confront their own issues and complaints against other people. I chose to be honest. But I was judged for speaking the truth. Learning point: I'll follow Daniel Padilla's advice. Shut up na lang ako. Hahahaha  

A few days ago, a number of my Facebook friends was feasting over a particular photo upload. In my opinion, such photo showcasing a personal document should not have been uploaded. But then again, who am I to judge? What I didn't like though, people or authorities more knowledgeable about the implications of that photo upload, didn't seem to mind at all. They exchanged comments they thought as humorous. How I wish I can relate the details of the document. But for my personal safety hahahahaha I'd rather shut up again. 

Setting aside this serious and boring aspect of my life, here are the few beautiful things that made my week

What should weekends be - A great read and a box of discounted muffins...just because it's about to expire tomorrow. Hahahahaha The cheapskate in me buys bread about to expire just because my wallet cannot afford the original fresh price. And that book in the photo, will always be a personal favorite. 

Hub | Make Lab - I was finally able to visit this independent seller market at the historic Escolta. Unfortunately, there were only a few stores open when I visited. This unique market place showcases products you don't often see in department stores.

Vinyl Records - I scored these vinyl records from the Hub | Make Lab. New Kids  on the Block is for the win! I grew up hearing my elder cousins loving the group. New Kids on the Block is like One Direction of the late 80s to early 90s. My only wish though, a gramophone to experience it for real.

Vintage Postcards - A few steps from Escolta is my favorite shop across Sta. Cruz Church. I thought the shop already closed. Only to later learned that the owners temporarily close the shop for fasting, arising from the period of Ramadan. I can't wait to send these to their would be real owners soon. :) Check out this post, in case you are interested with my favorite vintage shop. 

What happens behind an Instagram photo - Hahahahahah Happy Birthday to my ever supportive Dad! My only wish for him is good health and lots of reasons to laugh. True to the picture, my Dad has been the "unaware" supporter of my blog and Instagram feed. Some of the photos you see in my blog and IG account are made possible with him. 

And just like that I realized that its already halfway July. Still can't catch up with how fast each month flies. 

Happy Sunday everyone!