There was just too much discovery and learning that happened this week. I'll start with the negative side. I got engaged...... in a spat. Hahahahaha If that engagement meant the real engagement, my parents would surely be the happiest. Hahahahahaha But seriously, I was provoked. Someone raised his / her voice against me. Added to this, I discovered someone who cheated me ... pertaining to work. Hahahaha Years ago, my reaction will surely be different. I will take everything and shut up. After years of growing up, I realized I have changed. As to how I did it, let that remain as an offline secret. 

Now for some good news, life has been pretty good over the past week. There were opportunities, treats and some other things to be thankful for. The highlight of everything, an unexpected support system from some relatives. I'm humbled by the fact that there are other people who love my family. , All the more I feel thankful because goodness still prevails. In a world filled with unscrupulous and heartless beings, it feels great to come home in a family filled with love and kindness.

Moving on, here are the other beautiful things that made my week

Edible Cookie Dough - Expect weight gain after looking at the photo. Hahahaha I discovered this product via Instagram. I love the concept presented by the owners. It's real cookie dough that can be eaten raw! I'll blog about these one of these days. Check them out on Instagram here.

New place for the best Chicken Wings - Before the week ended, I met my friend A. We tried this new restaurant specializing in chicken wings. Me and my friend A have one mission in life: to discover and try all the best chicken wings in town. Hahahaha Can you recommend us places for the best chicken wings?

Trip to Common Room - If only I had more money to spare, I would have purchased more postcards and other handicrafts. I went to Rockwell Powerplant for a client call yesterday. I don't visit the mall because it's far from home and as most of my Filipino friends know, it is just too high end. Hahaha For the first time, I saw a Kate Spade boutique in Manila. I also noticed the Repetto shop. As much as I wanted to window shop, I was taken aback because there were no shoppers. I felt shy and intimidated. I initially planned to check out Fab Manila and Laduree. Unfortunately, I enjoyed time at Common Room. I forgot about the plan when I was heading back home. Sayang!!!

Ash and Muff's Reversible Tote - Thank you to Team Ash and Muff. I'm a proud and happy owner of their newest product offering, the Liberty Bag. It's actually a reversible bag. Check out the versatility here.

Product find from Landmark - Another great find from one of my favorite places. I rarely visit Landmark so every trip to Makati meant dropping by the Home Section of Landmark. I found several items on sale including this bottle shaped planter. It was sold at a discounted price because of the damages. You might find me weird but I actually love the fractures and damages. My father said he would help me find the perfect plant for this. Yay!

It will be the last week of July tomorrow. I'm not sure what's in store for me for the succeeding months. There are opportunities showing up and I hope, some will push through. Wishing everyone a happy Sunday and a great week ahead!