A week ago, me and my friend Anne had an unlikely meet up in Makati. The rare times we get to see the Makati malls! We were looking for a dinner place. In the middle of getting lost in Glorietta, (yes, I still have a hard time navigating the circular structure of the mall) we saw posters of the newly opened Wing Stop Philippines. We have been interested with Wing Stop Philippines. We thought it might be expensive given that it was franchised abroad. When I saw the posters along Glorietta, I thought we might give it a try. Since we both have poor navigation skills, it took us a lot of time and effort to finally locate it. The lady receptionist told us to proceed near Mc Donald's, turn right, turn left... I didn't anymore understand the succeeding directions. Hahaha When we were about to give up, we finally discovered its unlikely location. Turns out, it's near the pedestrian crossing to Landmark. If we were told that it's fronting Landmark, the search could have been simpler and easier.

We arrived in time for dinner. Good thing, the restaurant was quiet and unoccupied. (Tita of Manila feels hahahaha) We were able to find a comfortable seat. Ordering was almost easy not until we discovered that they have 14 flavors to choose from. What flavor to eat now? We chose the two-flavored bucket that comes with two pieces of free chicken wings in another flavor. We had Hot Buffalo, Louisiana Rub and Honey Garlic. Among the three, I love best the Louisiana Rub. The flavor was actually recommended by the service crew. Hot Buffalo was also good. It has enough spice although I felt that it has a mixture of lime and beer on the flavor dressing. Honey Garlic was just okay for me. We also ordered two cups of dirty rice and tall glasses of Coke. A little reminder to those who have intentions of trying Wing Stop, don't anymore upgrade the size of your softdrink. The tall glass is too much already, it felt like ordering a large Coke from McDonald's. Take it from me, who is so addicted to Coke. As for the yellow rice, it tasted like Star Margarine rice. Hahahaha But it's good, I actually like how it complemented the chicken flavors we had. All in all, we paid around Php 500 for the entire meal. I guess not bad at all considering the amount of servings.

Other things I love about Wing Stop is the cleanliness, customer service and unique interiors. I have to give 5 out 5 stars for cleanliness. From the walls, floors, trays, to the utensils. The staff are very customer oriented as well. I also like the cool interiors. And before I forget, they have decent wifi connection :p  I'll definitely recommend Wing Stop Philippines to everyone!

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