I first discovered Milkman Dairy Bar's products via their Instagram account. It was not hard to become curious with their concept of cookie dough. When I saw photos of their product line, I was sure that this is something that will not disappoint. It appeared as a small but promising business, participates in trade shows and weekend markets and for a change, not mass produced. 

I made my purchase last week. I have money to spare and I was hoping to share it as a birthday gift for a friend and some family member. I placed my order via their website and everything went out smoothly. I paid via bank deposit, informed the seller and waited for my orders to be shipped. All my orders arrived before weekend. Given that the goods are served in bottles, I was impressed on how the items were carefully packed.

I ordered Red Velvet Oreo, Everything Nice and Grandma's Choco Chip. Among the kids at home,  Grandma's Choco Chip was the favourite. In my case, I love best Everything Nice. Red Velvet Oreo is also good, but I have to say it's my least favourite. 

More than the taste, I love the fact that I was not cheated with the contents of each bottle. The bottle was filled with dough. The middle part is not empty. Also, other ingredients such as the chocolate chips. pretzels, peanut butter bits, oreo cookie were evenly spread out. Unlike other bottled goods wherein the most awaited ingredients are only found on the first layer of the spread. 

The bottles were also carefully sealed and the most important consideration, expiry dates are provided. Kids and grown ups who remain to be kids at heart (hahaha) will surely love this unique product. As for me, I have to plan my next order with them. If only weight is not a problem, I would love to have this as a weekend treat. This is probably the only downside about the product. It is not meant to boost your self esteem if you have weight gain problems. Hahahaha

For more information about Milkman Dairy Bar, you can reach them via their website or Instagram account