We are all blinded by our own beliefs and biases. I forgot the book where I encountered this quote. It might be in #GirlBoss or Think Like a Freak. But this has been the theme of the past week. It all started when I attended a small meeting. In the course of the discussion, there were some issues brought up. At that time, I felt it was inappropriate for me to express my dissenting thought. I kept quiet. A few days after, I had the chance to speak with one of the convenors. I related my sentiments. I tried my best to explain my point. The thing is, I'm not the best person to win arguments. Engaging in debates was never my turf. So most of the time, even though I have a valid point. I have supporting evidences, I ended adding another humiliating and stupidity story in my list of noted accomplishments. Hahaha 

During the weekend, I related my story to my friend M. What I thought as another sad and "crayola" saga became another night when you laugh at your own mistakes. We reached the conclusion that there are really people in our lives who possess that one great talent to make us feel dumb, stupid and like a huge sore loser. Aside from our mothers (hahahaha), there's  that one person endowed with all the intelligence to win all arguments. While this may appear as a great survival weapon, I sometimes don't wish to have this trait. The problem with people who always win arguments, they have a tendency to make the rest feel dumb and stupid. I remember once posting this in my Facebook account, you won the argument but never our sentiments. That was how I exactly felt after relating my sentiments. It's great to be surrounded with smart people. You learn from them. But there are times when listening and trying to acknowledge the reason behind someone else's sentiments serve as the "smarter" way to win an argument. However, some people are already blinded by their own set of beliefs or biases. The doors have been chained and locked up, long before you have attempted to knock. Knocking will be useless. You will never be heard in the first place.

Okay, I'm done. Hahaha Setting aside this serious and stupid aspect of my life, here are the few beautiful things that made my week

Another collection of vintage postcards - I visited again my favorite shop in Sta. Cruz Manila and was able to score some used and unused vintage cards. I hope my friends would love the cards as well.

Scenes from Escolta - I will always be one of the few old souls, who will never stop dreaming for Escolta. I hope this historical site be restored and preserved again. I'm always for heritage preservation. 

Another scarf - Thank you Mother E! for the cutest silk scarf. My second problem, how and where to wear this? Hahaha I need to have a trip soon.

Happy 150th  Birthday Beatrix Potter! - I never thought that the movie, Miss Potter, was about Beatrix Potter. I'm quite familiar with the story of Beatrix Potter but after watching the movie, my admiration just intensified. I love Beatrix Potter more!!!  Beatrix Potter lived in a time period when women are less empowered. Women are expected to get married and become dutiful wives. And those who don't get married are .... considered as outcasts. Hundreds of years passed, the culture is still prevalent. (Take it for the 30 year old single person in me) I was almost of the same age of Beatrix Potter, when she was on her way to publish her books. I admired how she chased her dreams. She knew exactly what she wanted. She was dedicated to her field. What I didn't expect was the love angle in Beatrix Potter's life. She was loved and I loved how it happened. 

July is over and I'm welcoming another month of surprises?! To more happy stories, crazy dinner with friends, postcards, freelance works and great movies! And oh, lesser meetings and a more quiet but productive life ... I guess hahahaha