I have a lot of pending posts. Mostly are from the new loot of used postcards I got two weeks ago. Promise, the next batch is so interesting! Problem is, I got occupied with work the entire week. I attended a week long conference. I felt unusually exhausted and drained after each day. I didn't anymore have the energy to compose another post. Friday felt the most exhausting. I experienced unexplained leg pains. I decided to go home a little late because I had a nice dinner and discussion with my friend M. I thought going home would be easier but much to my surprise, finding a UV express felt like forever. I took a different and longer route. The ending, I arrived home the next day. Hahaha I reached home at 12:30 am.

Last week, I dealt with one of my most hated weaknesses. Arguing and winning a real life debate. I thought I would be given a break from my stupidity episodes. Attending a conference unfortunately serves as another great avenue to engage in a debate. Whether I like it or not, I have to speak out and explain. The process of explaining myself and proving my point was f.... never mind. Hahaha 

Before the disastrous trip home last Friday, I had a nice discussion with my friend M. It started when I expressed my disappointment on how some unfortunate events redefine the meaning of friendship. I have witnessed downfall in different forms. I knew someone who lost all material wealth because of some unscrupulous criminals or a contradicting, legal liability. Someone was so wealthy but because of Cancer and those money wrecking diseases, had lost everything. The closest I can observe are colleagues dethroned from their positions. When they were still in the "pedestal,"  I was amazed by the number of people around them. Their working tables are overflowing with gifts during birthdays and Christmas. They have the happiest Facebook feed. Mostly are showcasing trips abroad, awards, luncheons and dinner with friends? Friends? Friends? When the position was taken away, I noticed that their composition of friends diminished and totally changed. As much as I feel a degree of pity to people who lost friends, my heart is leaning to develop hatred for the antagonists. Yes, I'm that intense. Hahaha I get affected with people who seem to perfectly model the meaning of deceiving friendship ... the kind friendship anchored from benefits. Sad. Frustrating. But the thing is, I live with this kind of people. I deal with them everyday. There's no way for me to avoid them. I have to follow their orders. I have to treat them with my utmost respect. 

Before this turns to a bitter post hahaha let me share the few beautiful things that made my week

Happy Mail - Thank you Marieken for all the postcards! 

I love to sleep.... period. But yes, sleeping serves like a time machine for breakfast. Unknown to most people, I actually love breakfast food. There were times when I'm inspired to report for work early because I wanted to catch Mc Donald's breakfast value meals. Hahahaha 

I love Beauty MNL! - I love the packaging even though there's really nothing extraordinary about it. But the real reason why I love Beauty MNL is because they delivered hours after I placed my order. Talk about an efficient online shopping site, I made my order around 1 am. I received an SMS around 8 am that my order is being delivered. True enough, everything arrived before lunch time. I don't mind paying their Php 50 shipping fee. It was all worth it!

Meanwhile in Manila - I discovered this nice view of Intramuros and Manila's skyline last week. I'm interested how the view looks like in the evening.

Natural Sepia - I was surprised with the natural sepia scene in Manila. Promise, I didn't use filters in the last photo. I just added a little brightness. I love how Manila looked like after a long afternoon rain and sunset. 

And some other things that captured my interest,

Salted Egg Potato Chips - I live far away from Salcedo Market and Rockwell. When I say far, I'm counting the effect of traffic. Hahaha I'm curious about this raved potato chips. Anyone who lives near Salcedo or regularly visits this weekend market? Can you please buy me a bottle? 

Annelies van Overbeek's Instagram account - This girl is superb! I love that she looks like Anne Frank too. 

Ever wondered how some people can maintain an Instagram feed with the same color scheme? Check out Nicole's instragram account here. I love the enchanting and dreamy feel of her feed. 

Speaking of Instagram, I was surprised with the updates made. How come snapchat landed on instagram? Hahaha 

How can I forget Pokemon Go?! It finally landed on the Philippines. 

It's 12:35 am as I'm typing this post. My legs are still aching. The rain suddenly poured again. Everything is becoming so inviting and conducive for sleeping. 

Wishing everyone a great weekend!