I'm excited for the upcoming week because of the long holiday. Haha But before the holiday break, I hope to accomplish all pending tasks at work. I'm also hoping to drop by my favorite antique shops and acquire another set of interesting postcards. On the last day of work, I would love to have a great dinner with my few friends. I'm alright with a cheap food trip from Binondo. It's surely the best way to welcome a rare long weekend. 

The past week has been quite a whirlwind. It started when our dearest pet dog, Doglas went ahead to doggie heaven. My only consolation, I fed him with the best food before he finally closed his eyes. Not everyone will have the privilege of having a pet dog for more than a decade. Today, the house has been quiet and organized. Gone are the days when the straps of our slippers are filled with bite marks. I miss the sight of Doglas in our kitchen. 

A night after Doglas' death I was alarmed with the news about a former student. I arrived home seeing unusual volume of messages in my Facebook account. I was shocked to hear a former student facing criminal charges. I extended some help to this student a few months ago. Knowing the real story behind, I felt sad and disappointed. I'm also bothered with the possibility that the little assistance I gave become contributory to the crime he committed. Everything is on the hands of the justice system now. I just hope that this will the last and only time when I will encounter another bright future wasted. 

Speaking of Facebook, my newsfeed and timeline have been very active this week. It started with the popular video of this Syrian boy. Reports said that the kid is already on his way to recovery.  I can only wish for a better life and new home for his entire family. Hopefully, it will be away from Syria. It made me remember another Syrian kid who died from drowning. I have no words. A request for all those with power and authority, do something to spare all the children. 

While I don't allow myself to be "polluted" with all political related events, I sometimes can't help but encounter some issues, controversies, accusations and different personalities trying to make a good image of themselves. I will not mention them here. But really, the last thing I expect from elected government leaders are wasting time to taint each other's reputation. I'm fed up with interviews and speeches. 

On the lighter side, I found some interesting links from Facebook. This feel good animated short film is too cute and I guess, relays some hidden messages. For my Filipino friends, check out this compiled status messages of the most LOL anecdotes. 

Before I forget, here are the few beautiful things summarized through photos

Postcards all the way from the Netherlands - Thank you Marieken! It's my first time to receive a postcard bearing the same design with that of the stamp. I also love the vintage car featured in the card. 

Another happy mail from Terra - Love all the way from the USA. Thank you Terra for the most beautiful, refreshing and heart warming messages inside each card and postcards.

Current read - For those who love Lang Leav's works, you might become interested with Rupi Kaur's Milk and Honey. It's a compilation of stories related in poetry form. A little precaution to conservative souls, :) the book possesses a level of brutality and violence. 

Lupe Saenz is love - This is my second pair from shoe brand, Lupe Saenz. What I love about this brand, they create real leather shoes. Each pair is stylish, sturdy and a little expensive but but but reasonable enough for a customized leather pair. Yes, I chose the style and color swatches. I designed my own pair! I will make a separate post about this.

Taco weekend again - I can live with tacos and nachos forever. Haha 

I'm typing this post at 1:27 am. I feel quite relieved because I was able to check my pending examination papers before blogging. But I have a blessing of a pending freelance work tomorrow. Haha This means additional money, but not enough to purchase another camera. Unfortunately, the error messages in my Sony camera remains unresolved. I have other plans for this year and as I have said, acquiring a new camera is  not in the list. But if I will receive a better camera as a gift, who am I to complain and refuse? Haha 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!