Hello long weekend! Been looking forward to this since last week. I had plans. A lot! Unfortunately, looks like only half of it will proceed. Took home some freelance works and some examination papers to check. I promised to start working on Friday night. Spend a couple of hours and continue everything on the next days. Problem is, I obviously ruined everything. Haha  

My plan was to get home early on Friday. It was raining so hard and as expected, traffic will be at its worst. Me and M decided to walk to the train station, only to later end up having dinner. Haha I arrived home a little late and wasn't in the mood to work. I spent the remaining hours starting another K. drama. I got carried away and realised it was already 3 am. I finally slept and as you can expect it, woke up late with swollen eyes. I didn't cry with the heartbreaking story. I was fuming mad with the lead female character. Hahaha  It didn't help that my monthly red alert came when I woke up. For my female friends who can relate, there is dysmenorrhea to ruin the day. I attended to some errands and the real work started only on Saturday night. Early Sunday morning came and I can't remember how I wasted it. Haha So there, I'm typing this at 9:57 pm, still feeling hopeful but at the same time, procrastinating again. I am so great! Hahaha I wanted to go out either today or tomorrow, after all the take home work is done. With swollen eyes, unruliest hair that badly needs a trim, unexplained wounds and scars on my legs, I don't think going out is a good idea. I smell another food delivery or online shopping coming instead. Yes, story of my life.

Setting aside all my shallow issues in life, here are the few beautiful things that made the past week

Freelance works - And yet again! Haha Even though this makes me anti-social and contributes to my bad eating and sleeping habits, this has been my refuge. I get to feel that I will have an opportunity to do something good whenever I scored a freelance work. I rarely experience one from my day job. I can't remember when was the last time I was appreciated or at the very least, got some pat on the back. And I don't talk about some sugar coated appreciation here like you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Thank you freelance works for reminding me that I'm not in any way useless and worthless.

Postcards from Batanes - Scored this postcards from Hub Make Lab in Escolta Manila. While the trip to Batanes remains as a wish, I'll enjoy these postcards and share them to a few friends.

Peter Rabbit is love - Thanks Mother E for the referral. I got these second hand books from an IG reseller. My dream is to complete Beatrix Potter's book series and to be like her. Haha How great it is to pursue your dreams, earn money and do something for a good cause. 

Good old Japanese restaurant - I've been seeing this Japanese restaurant in my hometown for years already. Unfortunately my parents and family members are not inclined to Japanese cuisine. After taking some errands yesterday, I decided to finally check it out. Treated myself to some spicy ramen and California maki. I'm feeling hungry while typing this. Problem is, they don't deliver. So I have to drag my lazy self if I want to enjoy some good food. Define overweight, ugly and diminishing self -esteem problems. Haha On a different note, I'm loving my Samsung A8's camera. I love that it was able to capture sharp images. 

I still want to write more but the thoughts in my head are the most disorganized. Meanwhile, I have to return to my freelance work. Hopefully, my swollen eyes will be fine tomorrow and the nasty wounds and scars will just go away.

Wishing everyone a great week and a better month. Hello BER months!