I've been having bad dreams. It was my first time to dream about someone I don't know trying to take away my life. It felt surreal. But unlike other people who struggle, I was able to recover a good sleep. I didn't experience cold sweats or palpitations. Although I felt bothered because I feel that this means something. As always, I had consultations with Google. :p And like most people, I got exaggerated findings. Hahaha In most articles I read, I learned that bad dreams can signal health problems. Ouch, overweight problems. Most advises also mentioned that people who eat / overeat after dinner are prone to have bad dreams and develop other sleep related problems. Okay, I feel guilty. Regardless of the articles' credibility, my lifestyle is no doubt, a possible contributor. Sometimes I thought that excessive exposure to Korean dramas with revenge stories serves as the culprit. Haha Unfortunately, it looks like everything should be blamed for excessive eating, less sleep and all the unnecessary stress and worries.

Speaking of K dramas, I'm currently watching King of Ambition. It's another heavy drama filled with revenge stories. If I had a choice, I would go for the shallow romantic comedy flix. Real life is already too serious to begin with. Adding up another source of stress from all the evil villains is not a welcome addition. Haha But when the story becomes too addicting, I'll just bring a lot of food to keep me entertained. Hahaha Talk about overeating again.

In between watching Korean dramas, I can't help but compare similar situations in real life. Although of course, executions in Korean dramas are overdone. Take the case of office politics. In reality, confrontations and all those slapping incidents don't really happen. No one wants to get fired because of inflicting any physical harm to a colleague.  People at the workplace also hide their real emotions and more importantly, facial reactions. But sometimes, I wish that distinguishing the good and bad people at the workplace is as easy as the portrayal done in Korean dramas. Life will surely be easier. Hahaha The one who is well dressed is an upcoming villain. The one who smiles a lot is the best backstabber. The one who is too kind is disguised as the evilest person. But clues like these are not present in real life. It takes a great skill to know who can be trusted or not. And sometimes, the skill requires going through the most painful experiences of disappointment and betrayal. 

I think I'm getting too serious and emotional here. Hahaha Before I post a litany of frustrations, let me share the beautiful things that made the past week.

The "Valentine" signage was an unexpected gift from Mother E. I believe it was intended for my projects. But even though February is too over and the BER months have arrived, I'm posting it because I love it. Hahaha More than for photography purposes, this will be of good use one day. I wish. Hahahahaha

I scored a nice book about floral arrangement from my favorite, Book Sale. The price of the book, Php 35 for a hardbound material! Definitely a steal! Book Sale is one of my favorite places. I can stay at the place for hours even though everything gets too crowded and disorganized. It's one of the best places to score discounted, second hand and rare books.

The last photo is another showcase of my favorite gifts. One is the monogrammed tote from Ash and Muff and my most awaited bed canopy. Thanks again Mother E! 

Here are other interesting things that made the past week.

This educational video clip from TED-Ed discusses one of my favorite Economic theories. 

Seeing the video clip of one of my favorite Japanese cartoons 

One of my favorite Facebook pages lately, I love The Bright Side's insightful and witty posts. 

I'm beginning to love Funko Pop toys. This is a threatening addiction. I bought two figures from an eBay reseller who is unfortunately giving me some headaches. smile! haha

A few weeks ago, I watched a short news feature about in BBC. It featured the popular bespoke tailoring street in London called Savile Row. Although the place caters to the male populace, I love the stories behind it. In fact the place has become a training ground for popular designers.

I'm loving Tod's Wave Bag. This will remain to be in my dreams because the price is surely something my monthly salary cannot afford. If given the choice (hahaha) I would love to have either the Black Red White or the Green Violet Gray style. 

I'm typing this post at 3:36 am, in between watching a K. drama. I started last night only to realize that it's already the next day. I might as well end this post and get my much needed sleep. This time, I hope I will have good dreams. :)