More than a year ago, I shared my good experience after using eRase solution. I discovered the small bottle of eRase from Watsons. The label reads, it can remove scars. It was more than enough to capture my attention because I'm addicted to scar removing creams and gels. The reason behind, I always get those nasty insect bites that turn to bloody wounds and later, the darkest scars. Given that the small bottle of eRase only costs Php 99, I decided to give it a try. At that time, I had a huge acne scar on my forehead. I didn't expect anything to happen not until weeks after, I felt skin peelings on my face. eRase works! I blogged the entire experience here. Months after, that post became my most read. This served as the bridge for the management of eRase to reach me. After the positive experience with eRase solution, I was offered to try their other products. I received the products for free and was asked to prepare an honest review. 

Glutathione Soap by eRase - I'm overwhelmed with the number of Gluta soaps available in the market. Looks like every brand has their own version. I never tried any of those soaps because I'm contented with Johnson & Johnson's baby soap and Neutrogena's Brightening Facial Wash. I also believed that getting whiter or lighter cannot be achieved by mere use of whitening soaps. I didn't expect anything from eRase soap. True enough, I didn't experience whitening effects after finishing the entire bar. Despite the absence of its claimed effects, I appreciate eRase's Gluta soap because it can perform the function of a typical bath soap. I love its clean scent. It felt like using a typical anti-germicidal soap. The soap does not in any way cause painful sensations arising from peeling or exfoliation. While it didn't lighten my skin, I can recommend it as an everyday bath soap. 

Gluta Whitening Deodorant - Similar with the soap, I didn't buy the idea that a deodorant can whiten my underarm. I'm more after its performance as an anti-antiperspirant. The deodorant didn't give me drastic whitening underarm effects. But I love that it can perform its function as a deodorant to last half a day. I also love the clean and odorless scent. It didn't leave those white marks on my shirt. It dries up easily and sticks with the underarm skin alone. 

Gluta Whitening Lotion - Similarly, no whitening experiences to note. The lotion however works well to keep my skin from being dry and sensitive. I can recommend it to become your staple daily lotion.

Plantcenta Sunblock Cream - I love the cream's formulation. Not too light or heavy for the skin. However, one should note that it's capacity is only SPF 15. It can be used on a daily basis, but definitely not for beach trips and activities that entails long exposure to sunlight. 

eRase Solution - This has to be winner! Consistent with my previous experience, the solution has been one of the best scar removing products for me. It worked on my face, legs and arms. However, it works faster on scars found on my face. As previously explained, facial skin is thinner and more sensitive. Hence, one should expect more skin peeling on the face. I used the product for the scars on my legs and arms. It worked, but not as fast as the reaction of my face. 

Just a little reminder on using eRase Solution. Don't overuse it. Don't use it unless the acne or wound is completely healed. Avoid contact on areas of the skin without the scars. From my experience, the solution is too strong and powerful. It can peel even the portion of the skin not affected by the scar. This can be quite painful and might cause some redness and irritation. Believe me, it happened to me! In my desire to eliminate the scars from insect bites, I generously applied eRase solution. This in effect made the unaffected area of my skin suffer. Lastly, when the skin starts to peel off, just allow the excess skin to become detached. Don't force the exfoliation. It may result to irritation and growth of another set of wounds. 

This is a sponsored post. But even though I received the items for free, all the opinions expressed are from my own.