Sunday, September 11, 2016

Beautiful Sunday # 230 - Discoveries

Another long weekend to love. I wish it was easy to love this weekend, given that my wallet is screaming empty. Hahahaha As much as look forward for holidays like this, the struggling wallet is always there to ruin everything. The timing could have been more conducive for a freelance work. I wish I have some in my plate. But all the work has been done. No pending tasks, only pending payments. Define harsh reality. Haha A few weeks ago, a client has given more than what I was expecting. But given all the bills to pay and my sadness / glutton attacks, you can easily sense what happened after. Ktnxbye hard-earned money.

Before the past work week ended, I had a great discussion with my friend MFA. We had it over a cheap dinner in a noisy food court. At this age and supposedly achieved financial independence, I still buy and eat meals from fastfood chains and food courts. Sometimes, I feel pathetic. Sometimes, I feel fine over the savings I can generate from cheap food. Nevertheless, I will not deny my love for the unhealthy meal choices. Shawarma rice, Kimchi rice and beef, deep fried dumplings, chicharong bulaklak and bituka with spicy vinegar ... these are reminders that life is good. :p This is a great way to torture myself at 1:15 am. Hahaha

In other news, my (and yours too, probably) Facebook newsfeed has been filled with articles and videos about the iPhone 7. I haven't owned an iPhone in my entire years of existence. Although I own a few Apple products, I haven't experience their mobile phone. With all the great reviews I've encountered, only one thing remains in my mind. How much it would cost? Sureness, mahalia fuentes. Hahaha 

Still about Facebook, the technology has been giving me surprises ever since I changed mobile phone this year. Every now and then, I get friend suggestions from people I don't expect. I don't have any mutual friends with them. I have only communicated with them once or twice via email, SMS or the surprise of surprises, through my eBay account. This bothered me for a while. Then just this week, I encountered an article verifying my concerns. (Unfortunately, I lost the link for the article.) What I remember, Facebook has this feature of crawling and linking information stored in our mobile phones. It can connect information contained from different applications. For instance, I got surprised when someone who emailed me a few weeks ago appeared in my Friends Suggestions. Same goes with an eBay buyer, new Instagram follower, Viber list and contacts from my phone book. The phone book gave me the biggest surprise. Turns out, Facebook also links people via mobile numbers. I suddenly remembered, I stored my mobile number in my account for recovery purposes. And I'm sure, I'm not the only user who made this safety measure. What I thought as a recovery facility will be used to connect users. I can't anymore imagine what other things can Mark Zuckerberg and his team do with the gazillion of information. 

So much of these seriousness, here are the beautiful things that made the past week

I miss reading Cecelia Ahern's books - This book review I wrote three years ago appeared in my Facebook  timeline. I remember the trademarked compelling words found in Cecelia Ahern's works. I want to read her new books. 

Chocolate Peanut Muffins and a bottle of red wine - So as not to feel sorry about the wrecked wallet  on a long weekend. Hahaha There's something about red wine .... at least for me. 

Some garden project - I wasn't contended with the photos I got last week. Unfortunately, I'm also not fully satisfied with this week's outcome. It's quite a challenge to get the best photo from this bed canopy.

Postcards and goodies - Thank you Marieken and Terra! Two of the greatest blogger friends / postcrossers and friends in real life! 

Hello from Gray! - This is me on long weekend. Hahaha 

A few other things I like

Happy Grandparents Day! - I love this commercial ad from Jollibee. 

Some inspiring video - A wake up call to pursue our dreams.  

While I'm not into Feng Shui, I enjoyed reading this article on how to properly arrange items on your work desk. 

I'm hoping to get off the house either this afternoon or tomorrow. With this plan, I hope my bank account will reveal some good news. But given the holiday, there's surely no opportunity for my clients to finally refill my bank account. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! 


  1. I like Cecelia Ahern. :-) Of her books, my favorite is "Rosie Dunne" aka "Love, Rosie", "Where Rainbows End" <-- I preferred this title though, but the edition I have was entitled "Rosie Dunne." I had a crush on my "best friend" then, and feel na feel ko noon ang ma-"friendzoned", indulging in movies such as "My Best Friend's Wedding." and that Jolina-Marvin starrer. :-P

    "100 Names" is my second favorite.

    Incidentally, I recently came across this post on Hufflepuff.( Not my favorite Hogwarts house really; I am more inclined towards Ravenclaw and Slytherin (Slytherin over Gryffindor!). But this poignant prose about Hufflepuffs gave me newfound insight and admiration for them. Still not my favorite house, but I think it nailed that bit about ordinary folk being extraordinary in their own little ways.

  2. True about iphone 7! Yung "airpods" earphones na US$159??? Ang mahal! I saw a joke on FB, one user cut off the wires from his old Apple earpods and it looked exactly the same with the new one. Hindi ko yata kayang bumili ng ganun kamahal na earphones.

    I read Cecilia Ahern's PS I Love You when I was in high school. Yun lang yata nabasa ko from her works, but I remember enjoying it :) Wishing you a great week ahead too Diane! :)

  3. I would like one of those muffins! I love the peanutbutter-chocolate combo :-)

  4. Hindi na ako nangangarap magka-latest iPhone model ever because I know that will be next to impossible.:) Siguro secondhand na iPhone6 nalang if ever, yung Certified Pre-Owned models kasi para rin naman siyang bago.

    Bakit ang sasarap ng food sa fini-frequent ninyong food court? Haha! Sawang-sawa na ako dito sa amin.

  5. Promising naman yung bed canopy photo, ah. Malapit na magkaroon ng "dreamy" eklaver. Konting arte pa, pasok na sa banga yan! Ang shala, red wine and muffins. Hmmm, parang may Cecilia Ahern akong ebooks dati, mahanap nga. :)

  6. Now I am interested in Cecelia Ahern, thanks for the idea. You send me the BEST postcards, thank you, sweetie. The foods you describe sound delicious. I do not have a smart phone and don't want one, I have a cheap Tracfone to carry with me (it is not smart, ha ha, but it works) and a landline. I did not give FB my phone number. On FB in a reading group I am in I show a photo of two Victorian lady bookmarks you gave me.


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