I don't have plans of going to this Book Fair. As much as I love books, I prefer my random trips to the bookstore. I'm also trying my best to avoid expenditures and all those shopaholic temptations. But unexpected circumstances like an errand to a nearby place changed everything. Me happy. Wallet not. Haha 

This Friday, I took a leave from work because I need to arrange some documents from a government agency. I had positive expectations about the efficiency of this government agency. I knew I would finish everything early. Hence, I considered the possibility of dropping by the 37th Manila International Book Fair at SMX Convention Center. True enough, I was able to finish my errands way before lunch time. I took the opportunity to proceed with my first ever attendance to the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF).

I did not become obedient with my plan of avoiding expenditures. But the book addict in me is the happiest! I was  able to acquire books with discounts. To compensate my shopaholic attack, I was able to save more than Php 500 for this shopping escapade. This was also the first time when I purchased the most number of books in one shopaholic day. Haha And given this shopaholic achievement hahaha, I need to do some serious abstinence. I should be banned from purchasing not until 2016 finishes. Let's see! Hahaha 

You can find the names and number of exhibitors here. But as expected, the two biggest exhibitors are the leading bookstores in the country. National Bookstore and Fully Booked occupied the most space in the area. 

National Bookstore also offered non-book items. 

I spent most of my time in Fully Booked. The collections from Fully Booked may not be as extensive as National Bookstore. But for some reason, I found more great titles and selections from Fully Booked. 

I guess everyone shared my sentiments. I noticed that Fully Booked's area was more populated. It felt like everyone was here.

Fully Booked has the most number of titles for The Little Prince. I wanted to take home the anniversary edition in the middle rack. I love that it comes in color blue and has other surprise items inside.

I have long wanted to purchase this book. Unfortunately, still expensive despite the 20% discount

I particularly wanted this!

Another nice book for the adults wishing to learn how to draw

This book was originally priced at Php 699. I wanted it! But it's way out of my budget. Initially, I decided to forgo. But after some contemplation over a great lunch, added the push factor of a friend... the ending can be easily predicted. I returned to the Convention Center and paid the entrance fee again just to get this beautiful cover. Hahahaha 

Don't you just wish that all classical books have creative and attractive covers?

I also checked out other exhibitors

Hands down to the most innovative exhibit. Great job for Rex's Bookstore!

I also checked out Summit Media's booth. I wanted to purchase this new released publication. But I felt reluctant because of pricing issues. Hahaha I wanted to initially browse the contents, but the company does not provide an open copy.  And before I forget, Summit does not offer discounts for their books. Discounted items are limited on back issues  of their magazines. Medyo madamot. (quite selfish) Hahaha 

And these are the products of my sinfulness :p

Other than what I mentioned, here are some things I learned and discovered from the Book Fair

1. Newly released titles of foreign books are not available both for National Bookstore and Fully Booked. Or was it because I was late? Maybe everything was already sold out on the first two days. In general, new released best selling titles are not available. 

2. Related to my first observation, selections of both bookstores usually contain old best selling titles and authors. This leads to another finding.

3. Don't expect rare and hard to find books in the Book Fair, especially if you target both National Bookstore and Fully Booked.

4. Some titles are expensive in National Bookstore than Fully Booked. :p This is not about the new Harry Potter book. Hahaha

5. There are a lot of non-book items in the Book Fair. There are toys, Christmas decors, stationery products, religious items sold at discounted prices.

6. Conversely, not all exhibitors offer discounted items. Something I don't like and agree with. The discount can give opportunity for both publishers and authors to be discovered by interested readers.

7. Credit card payments are accepted only on selected exhibitors such as National Bookstore and Fully Booked.

8. The selection of children's books are also extensive both for National Bookstore and Fully Booked. Added to this, even local publishers have their own offering as well. I just forgot the name of the exhibitor, but there's one area where children books are less than Php 50.

I feel so sleepy and tired while typing this post.The two bags were heavy and my arms are starting to ache. I might as well get to sleep, dress up in the comfiest pajamas, softest bed linens with the company of my new books :p

PS I'm not satisfied with the outcome of the photos taken. I solely used my mobile phone for the shots. :-(