It was just one of those weeks that started bad, but ended great. Yeah right, as always. Hahaha Sounds like I'm on the way to rant again. I wanted to remain positive. I wanted to appear like someone always inspired, optimistic, attractive, contented, and best of all, the happiest. All those inspirational quotes, articles and video clips from social media never fail to inspire me. For a while, I feel great and empowered. But when reality starts to sink in, I'm back to my sad and frustrated self. I face the real me. As to how I survive this never ending cycle, I guess this is what defines my real image and existence. What other people see in me, is a summary of all those good and bad things that happened to me. 

I wanted to expound more. I wanted to write more. But with the way things are going, I think I will be repeating the same post I had over the past months. I will end writing the same sentiments. Apologies. I'm struggling. While there is always a way to overcome struggles, this situation is hard to figure out. Along the way, I try to distract myself by venturing to other endeavors. I attempted to do it last week. I'm aware that new ventures are not easy. But the motivation I have was more than enough to forget such expectation. I was inspired to start. When I was finally doing it, it felt like all the motivational anesthesia subsided. Hahaha It wasn't hard. It was harsh. Haha I'm not anymore sure if I will proceed. For a while, I realized that I have been over confident. I underestimated everything. But let's see. As much as I don't want to pressure myself, I think I have to. In reality, my greatest and guaranteed drivers to success are deadlines, fear and all kinds of pressure. Hahaha    

I have nothing much to post from the past week. The highlight of everything was the successful processing of some government related papers and my first attendance to the Manila International Book Fair.

I have to admit. I overspent .... a little. Hahaha I wasn't expecting to take home this much number of books. For the record, this was the first time when I bought the most number of books in one shopaholic day. Haha I was planning to get something from Cecelia Ahern. Problem is, her new titles were not available. This was something I have mentioned in the previous post. Newly releases titles are most likely not available in the Book Fair. But since I went on the third day, there's a possibility that stocks were already depleted. I'm not sure but as far as I know, Cecelia Ahern is not that popular and preferred, relative to the Harry Potter books. 

Being a Business major, I'm quite ashamed to admit that I haven't read The Art of War. It's always on my list but every time I visit the bookstore, there are other books that interest me. The ending, I always forgo the purchase. But since this was sold at 20% off, I had no excuses. Although deep inside, I'm dying to buy Ransom Rigg's Tales of the Peculiar. Hahaha I'm hoping to learn a lot from Sun Tzu. Inspiration is already out of the list because these days, it's easy to find inspiration in my Facebook newsfeed. Hahaha In a day, there's surely one article or photo upload that will leave a degree of motivation. But as mentioned, the effects of the happy and inspired anesthesia are only temporary. Learning, finding something useful and making some success from all those motivations serve as the real measure.... not just for the book to myself as well.