I have so much to write, but I'm quite confused on where and how to start. The past week has been a whirlwind of both the good and bad things. When life seems to be so unfair. When all the hardwork led to disappointment. When despite of everything, everything feels like nothing. It's surely not the first time I've been on this road. Unlike the past times, today was better because I'm in the company of the best people in the world. I have family and friends. The people around me makes all the difference. What I learned in my years of existence, I don't have to wish for all the best in the world. Sometimes, being in the company of the best people is more than enough. I maybe messing up in other aspects of my life. But whenever I'm with them, all the bad things do not seem to matter anymore. 

While I'm more than grateful for my support system, I will not deny that my contentment sometimes transverses to fear. There are days when I'm plagued with all the "what if" worries in the world. While I'm making a conscious effort to discover and nurture new friends, I will end up gaining stories of painful betrayals instead. The only silver lining I gain from this experience, I develop more trust and appreciation to my good, old, trusted and tested friends.

This weekend, my grandfather finally had this much needed operation. In God's grace, all is well now. I spent my entire Saturday with him and my cousins in the hospital. It was one of those rare weekends I woke up early. I first met a freelance client early in the morning. I went straight to the hospital and there, I was reunited with my cousins. All the disappointments last week just went away. I was happy, everything else didn't matter anymore. Best of all, I even had a great dinner with them a few hours ago. It was the best way to end this weekend. 

Aside from the happiness brought by my family, here are the other beautiful things that made the past week

Unexpected Gifts - Craft supply and goodies from Typo! Thank you S for the craft supplies all the way from Malaysia. :) 

Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter is love - Thank you Terra for the postcard and Mother E for the collector edition stamps. Anything about Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter never fail to make me happy!

Happy Mail - Vintage postcard from my friend who equally loves vintage cards and bikes. Thank you Marieken!

Current read : The Smell of Other People's Houses - I ordered this book via Book Depository last July. I almost thought it wouldn't arrive. Two months is too much given that I used my address in Manila. Never mind the wait, I'm enjoying reading it. 

Another book to love - Fans of The Little Prince, you might want to consider buying this book :) I first saw the book from a fellow shopper at the Manila International Book Fair. As much as I wanted to ask, I was aware that I already overspent. Days after the Book Fair, someone at the workplace mentioned the book. We wanted to purchase, but we were clueless of the seller. Both National Bookstore and Fully Booked don't carry the title. Even Book Depository and Amazon don't have it. Through social media, my workplace fellow found a Facebook user who posted a copy of the book. My stalker / detective hormones worked. Hahaha I checked the profile of the Facebook user and learned that he was connected with St. Paul's Publication. I checked out St. Paul's store in SM Manila and voila! The rest is another shopaholic story.

Hours before publishing this post, our internet connection at home conked out. Turns out, we already exceeded our allocation. Haha I don't want to frustrate myself so I decided to finish the post tomorrow. Never mind if I can't upload the post before Sunday ends. But I have another cousin who took care of everything. Thanks RA! While there are a lot of people who never fail to disappoint me, I have my own share of those who never fail to surprise me. Like what I said from the start of this post, it's people around me that makes all the difference.