For a change, I will not be posting flat lays this week ;p I didn't have the time to arrange anything. My weekend was loaded with activities away from home. Checking out my schedule, my next weekends will be the same. I didn't see this coming. I'm used to devoting weekends at home, especially now that the traffic condition anywhere in Manila has worsened. It's a given fact that traffic is everywhere. But over the last months, travel hours here has become unforgivable. My cousin who works in BGC has to leave home around 6 am to reach her official time at 9 am. Three hours on the road!? My travel time to Manila demands more than 2 hours, given that I'm already taking the train. As much as I want to demand something from the responsible authorities, I guess this is another hopeless case. Traffic is the society's own cancer. There's no available antidote. Prevention is even out of the question because, admit it or not, some of us still emerge late for work even when leaving home way ahead of time. 

Okay, so much of my rant. Hahaha Here are the few beautiful things that made the past week

It's that time of the year again. Every year, I get the chance to visit this historical church in Quezon City. We attended the morning mass last Thursday and had a great lunch with my friends. The shrine itself is already magnificent. But my favorite part of the church is the spacious garden near the convent. Years ago, the space was filled with more plants. It appeared to me like The Secret Garden from Frances Hodgson Burnett's book. I guess the convent's management had other plans, the space was cleared up. It looks more of a park today. Nevertheless, I still love the place.

This Sunday, we will be joining the annual procession. I hope the weather will cooperate. The carriages have already been cleaned and prepared. I'm looking forward to continue the tradition with colleagues and friends. 

I also had the chance to finally try the newly opened Mary Grace Cafe near the workplace.

Everything inside Mary Grace Cafe is so instagramable! Too bad, my camera failed to capture in great details. I also felt quite uneasy capturing photos because the diners were starting to arrive. While I love everything about its interiors, I have to commend the great customer service. Hats off to Team SM Manila! The last thing I noticed, there seems to be a lot of Papemelroti products in the place. Another plus points for me. :)  

Last week also marked the celebration of Teacher's Day. If I'm teaching Elementary or High School, this will surely be a big deal. And I'm not talking about receiving gifts and other material stuff from students. Heartwarming messages to the most humorous greetings are more than enough for me. I was quite surprised that I received a few greetings from my former students. My quiet Twitter account has suddenly received some mentions.  During special occasions former students would always pester me and my long lost / never been found love life. Hahahaha If only all my former students would pray for me (that would mean more than 200 petitions), I guess the heavens would be boombarded enough to finally grant that wish. Hahahahahahahahaha  Once in a while, former students would also refer me to their friends in the lower years, especially those who are about to enroll in my subjects. Unfortunately, destiny has other plans. My teaching load was reduced to one section. This also meant that I don't anymore teach the subjects I used to handle. But just the same, I have always been thankful for this opportunity. 

Three more weeks in October.  Then here comes another busy month on November. And just like that, another year is about to end. Wishing everyone a great week ahead!