I'm typing this post with a huge smile on my face. I'm just happy. I was able to accomplish a lot during the weekend. Some surprises also came along the way. I was able to complete my series of dental appointments. I had a great day with my friend A. We watched Miss Peregrine's Home for the Peculiar Children. It was a great movie! Before Saturday ended, I was able to respond to a freelance client's needs. A request I made from a government agency was successfully processed. I was able to score discounted items that will make as gifts for friends this Christmas.  And lastly, my cousins came over at home for my special brother's birthday. While I'm struggling with the other aspects of my life, my heart is more than thankful for these blessings and sources of happiness. Point of realization: My life is a beautiful mess and borrowing a common line I often encounter from my happy and gay friends, and that is more beautiful. Hahaha I sound so pointless.  

I wasn't able to create lay outs of my favorite things last week. I miss doing some layouts and making some therapeutic photo edits. Yes, for some weird reason, editing photos has become a relaxing past time for me. Armed with my self-taught editing skills, I enjoy the entire trial and error process. Sometimes, it would only take me seconds to get my preferred edits. In some instances, I've been running around the same process for more than 30 minutes, ending with nothing I like. What I currently wish for, better and additional knowledge in photo editing. Dealing with cases of bad lighting, pale colors, or probably having a new camera may help. My current point and shoot camera is starting to malfunction. :( It's quite a challenge to secure a decent auto focus. Most of the time, I accumulate nothing but blurred shots.   

Live Laugh Love - Forever mantra! My favorite has to be the LAUGH! :p 

Petunia Doll from Papemelroti - Don't blame me if this doll will always appear in my blog and IG feed. The minute I saw this doll posted in Papemelroti's Facebook page, I knew I had to get it. I just wish that the shop will came up with male versions too. Another new favorite is a wooden bookmark with an inspirational message from Robinsons' Department Store.

As I was saying, expect the doll to be overused in my blog and IG feed. Haha In the photo are postcards and stamps given by a family friend from Malaysia. Thanks S!

Postcard all the way from the Netherlands - Thanks Marieken!

Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit forever!!! - Thank you Terra for the Peter Rabbit cards and Mother E for the stamps.

A few days ago, I intentionally distracted myself from work. I was overwhelmed with the endless excel formula programming I've been doing for weeks. I checked my blog posts over the past years. Some posts made me laugh. It brought back some of the happiest and silliest memories. There were also posts that made me cringe. I can't believe that I made such stupid posts, including the worst photo edits. I can't understand that I preferred those heavily cross processed photos. The original shots were way better, but I decided to play with heavy edits. Hahaha 

In my mind, I always claim that  nothing changed in my blog. I always complain about my weight problems, financial management that needs improvement, foodie indulgences.... everything is repetitive here. My boring life = my blog What I didn't notice, I have been unconsciously implementing some changes. I lessened mentioning people at the workplace. Even though I conceal their names, I avoided including them in my blog posts. I don't anymore share my posts in my Facebook account. I used to do it to generate or "beg" hits for my blog. I don't anymore participate in blog linky parties.  I used to write a lot about my family. But lately, I rarely upload photos of them. I seldom capture and upload food photos, including the products of my shopaholic escapades. My recent shopping finds are often small items that look good in Instagram. Hahaha While there are a few topics I don't write and share anymore, there are new interests that emerged. Very evident is the postcard series. Apart from blogging about all the postcards I've received, I started to write the "used and lost" postcards. I started doing and become addicted with flat lays. 

I'm not sure of my self-claimed transformation? Hahaha Some people who have been reading my blog for the longest time (if there are hahaha) might not really noticed the changes. More importantly, I'm not sure if these changes made me a better or at the very least, a more interesting blogger.

I have a lot of related but unorganized thoughts running in my head. I will however admit that these thoughts emerged from my own observations and experiences with other bloggers. Years before I regained my interest in blogging, I was an avid blog reader. I have my own bookmarked links of blogs that I love. Sadly, most of the blogs I used to love gradually lost its luster on me. It didn't help that one of the used-to-be-favorite blogger posted an article partially blaming the readers. According to this blogger, her blog did not change. It transformed to something brighter and better. It's the readers who have changed instead. Oh well, I don't want to elaborate anymore. But really, how can readers change when their role is limited to reading and commenting. Between the writer and reader, it's the writer who has more control over the current and future situation.

So after writing down my thoughts, I feel more confused and useless. Hahahaha I'm starting to feel that I just overanalyzed everything. Paralysis by overanalysis is for the win! But really, I would appreciate any feedback from my readers..if there are. :) It would be great to know how readers perceive me and my blog.