Last Sunday of November!!!! A few more days, it will be the last month and my favorite time of the year. Ironically, the happiest is also the most expensive month of the year. #AlamNyoYanFriends More so, my fellow Tita of Manila friends know how December works. Wallet wrecking, weight and fats accumulating Hahaha 

I was trying to recall the events that made my November. At this point, I can say that I had a great November. First out of the country trip with my family, progress in some of my freelance works, discovering new friends, meeting good old friends again, I'm thankful for all the blessings that came this November. Speaking of being thankful, I hope my friends from the USA had a great thanksgiving. For some of us here, thanksgiving meant scoring great deals during the Black Friday Sale. :) I had my own share of Black Friday sinfulness. I used a new cargo forwarding company and I feel quite worried. I hope everything goes well until the delivery. If this company performs well, I will surely share my experience.  

Meanwhile, here are the few beautiful things that made my last week of November.  

I've been looking at some thanksgiving tablescapes in Instagram. I saw a lot of inspiring themes and arrangements. These days, looks like Instagram is competing against Pinterest. Truth to be told, I hope I'll be given the chance to work out on some arrangement in a department store or magazine spread. But my knowledge and skills are way behind. Like probably everyone who ambitions, I stalk and find inspiration from the works of seasoned creators.

Postcard from a new found friend - Hi Lorraine! Thanks a lot for the postcard from Japan. I love the message too. One of the highlights of my 2016 is my declared love for postcards. It still surprises me when some people equate me to postcards. I received a few emails mentioning how some people remember me whenever they see postcards. 

Anna and Elsa - Souvenir from my trip in Hong Kong Disneyland. I got a set of toys featuring the main characters of Frozen. It sounds useless hahaha and I will not deny it. But the toys are so cute and my excuse, they are 50% of its original price. The six piece toy set only costed Php 300. When my happiness and excitement subsides, the set will land to one of my nieces or godchild.

Received my first Christmas gift a few weeks ago - The old soul in me always love personalized items. This stationery set is a gift from a client. 

My weekends are becoming occupied again, which meant both good and bad. Bad for my expenditures and shopaholic hormones. Good because I'm becoming less introvert again. My monotonous life is changed and along the way, I get to meet new people. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead and a happier December!