A few weeks ago, my friend told me about this new shop that caters a myriad of products that would surely interest me. I asked if the products sold are Instagram worthy. Haha These days, it's one of the best ways to convince me to visit a shop or any place other than great food. I was suppose to visit the shop that is quite far from home and work. Weeks after, we discovered that Miniso opened a branch near the workplace. 

I love that the shop is well lighted, has uniform wooden shelves and muted colors of white and classic wood.  It has the atmosphere of Uniqlo and Muji. 

I'm not sure if some of you have encountered a similar Korean shop called Mumuso. They have the same shop layout and interiors. What confuses me, Miniso is declared as a Japanese company in their corporate site. Are they sister companies? I have yet to find out.

I visited their branch in SM Manila and here are the few items that caught my attention.

I was initially deceived by this. ;) I thought all products were priced at Php 99. Turns out, there are some nice product deals that come in Php 99. Either way, items are way cheaper than prices in Muji. The most expensive item I encountered was around Php 600. Depending on your needs,wants and shopaholic adrenaline hahaha, a budget of Php 500 can be enough to score some nice and functional items. It's a little expensive than Daiso / Japan Home but promise, you'll find some good deals here. 

Neck pillows made of different materials. Some are made from microbeads, memory foam and ordinary foam.

I need a lot of this!!! They even have versions that can function as a stool.

Neck massager at Php 199

For a friend who loves to hoard cotton buds :p

Brooches, earrings, and necklaces 

The cutest handtowels

Bath towels made of different materials. I just can't remember if they have pieces in microfiber.

Kate Spade inspired paper plates :) 

Gifts both for small and big boys :)

I want the dog stuffed toy!!!!

Stationery items are also available 

Want, this super thin digital weight meter!!

Items for your home

These versatile pillows

and my favorite product ... please don't laugh :D 

I've been searching for cheaper and quality seamless panties. I love Uniqlo's version, but comes a little expensive. Miniso's version is only Php 149!!! Best thing, it is comparable with Uniqlo's quality. I also love that the critical fabric of the crotch is wide, unlike those that are sold by other cheaper brands. 

There are more items I haven't included in this post. The shop also offers cosmetics other bath products. 

Miniso ;) has global branches in USA, Japan, Korea, China and Hong Kong.  Check out Miniso Philippines via Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

This is not a sponsored post. :) It was a random Friday when me and my friend accidentally discover their SM Manila branch.