I started typing this post around 2 am, few hours after Christmas eve mass and dinner. My brain is still alive and active. My body must have gotten used to my vacation habits. Sleep in the morning and wake up around lunch time. We'll be in an early road trip on Christmas day. I hope I will not ruin myself. :)

Days before my birthday, I was able to persuade my friend to try a new food hub in my home town. I've been seeing Crave Park early this year. It feels like Mercato and Banchetto, only that the entire place operates on a daily basis. Crave Park's operations starts at 4:00 pm until 12:30 am. In some days, it extends to 1:00 am.

The entire place is enclosed by different food stalls. The center area provides seats and tables for diners. The place also has a mezzanine that provides more seats and a few more vacant stalls. So those who are interested to join, I believe Crave Park can still accommodate new ventures. I collected photos of several food joints that captured my interest.

Flat Bread offers different pizza in smaller dough. They offer the basic melted cheese and different preset toppings of your choice. Range of each flat bread is Php 70 to 90. 

Torii Donburi offers the classic Japanese rice bowls and Yakitori. Prices of rice bowls start at Php 149. 

Kawaii Kitchen is another Japanese joint that offers pork katsu curry. 

If you love grilled sandwiches and cheese, Kwatro Cubanos may work for you. They serve Cuban inspired sandwiches that start from Php 185. 

Creamco Creamy serves as the dessert place. They serve fried ice cream that fuses the Italian and Thai styles. 

An entire food stall dedicated for tempura products is Tokyo Tempura. They serve a basket of tempura of different variants that range from Php 85 to 120. 

The Archipelago is operated by home grown Barrio Fiesta. They offer rice toppings of different Filipino dishes such as pata, liempo, lechon kawali, salted egg and so much more. 

Another food stall that fits those who prefer sandwiches. Pulled Meat Bar allows customers to choose from pulled chicken, pork, or beef. Prices of sandwiches here start at around Php 200. 

Nitro 7 are nitrogen infused cold brew coffee. I tried one of their non-coffee best sellers, N7 Premium Brewed Iced Tea. 

I've been looking forward to try Dabs & Popcorn. They serve corn cobs in different flavor and toppings. I was expecting something like grilled Mexican corn. Turns out, they have a different approach. They serve the usual sweet corn with an array of toppings from the menu to choose from. 

I ordered their best seller, bacon and cheddar. 

KM 128 offers chicken wings of different flavors. I'm with my friend Anne so there's no question about landing here. Me and Anne are complete opposites in so many ways. The rare chance we have common interest is attributed to chicken or buffalo wings. Hahaha 

This was what me and my friend Anne had. Chicken wings from KM 128 and flavored corn cobs from Dabs & Popcorn. My verdict for the chicken wings, 3 out of 5 stars. It was just okay. I didn't found anything special. I forgot what flavor we chose though. Also, I've noticed that they limit the flavor of chicken per serving. Unlike in other food stalls or restaurants where customer can choose more than one flavor for a basket of chicken wings. 

The Dabs & Popcorn made it for me. Sweet corn infused with dressing and bacon was for the win. I was expecting something like grilled Mexican corn. Surprisingly, they served something better and unique. 

Also in the photo was Nitro's Passion Fruit Brewed Iced tea. I like the different flavor but this is something I can pass on next time. 

Overall, I can rate my first experience with Crave Park as satisfactory. We went on a Saturday and was expecting a highly populated place. We arrived a little earlier so we were not bothered or hassled by the jam-packed crowd. Like any other food park, landing on the right food stall is the challenge. I guess I wasn't able to select the best food stalls in my first attempt. On my next visit, I'm willing to skip KM 128 and Nitro 7. I would love to explore and try the other establishments.