There is no question about including the Bangui Windmills or Windfarm to an Ilocos trip. It's a must see! There's a similar windfarm near Manila. The Pililia Windfarm is two-hour drive from our home. How ironic, I first saw the farther site in Ilocos. :p

Truth to be told, there's nothing much to do in Bangui's Windfarm. It's merely for sightseeing. I marveled the height of the windmills and the sound it produces. The beach fronting the windmills served as a revelation for me. The beach has the strongest waves enough to give drizzles as one approaches the shore.

We visited the Bangui Windfarm around lunch time. So imagine the peak of the sunlight and all the UV rays. :) If I were to draft the itinerary, I would have schedule a tour in the Bangui Windfarm either early morning or late afternoon. 

Before the trip to Bangui Windfarm, we also dropped by the Kapurpurawan Rock Formations. The place is breathtaking. Seeing windmills in the background, rock formations and another beautiful beach front. We had a limited time exploring Kapurpurawan Rock Formations. I saw pictures from other bloggers and discovered that the place has more to offer. I failed to see the real and magnificent rock formations inside. It would require more walking, trekking and for some, horse back riding. If time was on our side, I would have tried horse back riding with guided tour. It surely felt like seeing one of those classic Marlboro Country commercials. 

The Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is best visited during early morning to late afternoon, that is if you are like me, afraid of the sun. :) In our case, we visited it around lunch time as well. So imagine all the sun burns and skin darkening I gained. But given this rare experience, I could say that everything including the longest road trip were all worth it.