Last Beautiful Sunday post landed on Christmas day. I failed to foresee that next week's post would fall on the first day of 2017. This post has been prepared way ahead of time. :) Saturday is New Year's Eve and the first day of the year will be spent with my relatives. I decided to look back and compile photos and memories from last year's Sunday posts.

One of my favorite intersections in my hometown. I remember this photo was taken days before New Year's Eve for 2016. We ate in a nearby restaurant and thought I was having a great time. A few hours after, I had severe case of stomache. I lost my appetite days before New Year's eve. How timely! Haha But I was determined, I still overate during New Year's Eve.

I love this art gallery and shop in my hometown. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to visit it again.

These reminds me, one of my wish for 2017 is to acquire a new camera

The unplanned trip to Silahis Center. Check out the post here.

One of the best books I've read in 2016. Check out my review here. I miss my own copy of this book. :( I think I have to purchase another copy. 

One of my favorite postcards, thanks Marieken!

I'm too late to realize the power of pure honey! It saved me from sore throat, colds, cough and other unnecessary sicknesses.

Found my best skincare regimen. I love the combination of these products on my skin. 

Another favoite postcard from Marieken

How often will I experience a colder weather!! Except for the hassles of the rainy day, I love the cold weather. 

A repetition of the postcards from Marieken, but I just love how this photo appeared :) 

Another set of vintage items from Marieken

The long overdue bookshelf project. I feel annoyed, why I forced the Christmas lights hahaha

Postcard from Terra and one of my favorite K dramas aside from DOTS, Yong Pal is love!!! I watched it because of Kim Tae Hee, but I got more connected with the leading man, Joo Won!!!! The lavender was not just intended for decorative purposes. It was a significant part of the series.

Thank you Mother E! for helping me acquire this!!

Visited the Venice Grand Canal Mall during my friend A's birthday!

One of my favorite photos during the Holy Week break

Rare times when I get to travel as a result of work

Hello Summer Heat!!!

I have been attending retreats and recollections. This summer recollection was one of the best. Also, this year's souvenir was the best.

There was a time when I got addicted with wine and cheese.

Possibly the only time I get invited to try a new restaurant as a blogger :) Check out my review about the place here.

Descendants of the Sun!!!!!! No doubt, my favorite K drama for 2016. (Photo not mine)

Visited Pier Uno Resort as part of the annual company outing

Brought my Nanay to Vanilla Cupcake Bakery for Mother's Day. This was days before the election. We suffered the worst case of traffic this day.

The rare times I was visited by former students

Usual weekend situation with our fur babies :)

Shallow source of happiness : Treating my family to a Yellow Cab Meal after scoring earnings from a freelance work

The Book Stop Project in Intramuros, I gained a friend from Davao because of this blog post. Hi Alona!

Reminded me of my nth attempts to grow lavender at home. Everything ended as a failure Hahaha

Finally had the chance to visit The Book Museum. Check out my post here.

Snaps from some places around the workplace, reminds me of a good old friend

Postcards from Marieken and Terra

Revisited one of the popular restaurants in my hometown with my friend Anne

Another favorite read in 2016

I have to repost as reference to the old appearance of my shelf. It looks a little different now :)

It was this year when I got addicted buying plates from IG sellers. Now I don't know what to do with them hahahaha

And speaking of plate addiction

Blame Peter Rabbit hahaha

This ballet flats from Sanuk are my all time favorite. The first pair already gave up. I badly wanted another pair but this is no longer available in Ph. This is the first time I will confess, I bought another pair directly from US. The price was fine except that I was heavily charged by Johnny Air.

Another book I enjoyed for 2016

Shallow product discovery :) but this was a life saver for 2016! Goodbye wet underarms

Another indulgence, this Beatrix Potter commemorative coin

First time to have hotel staycation with my friend Anne

Another book to love for 2016

My love and curiousity with used postcards. Still hoping to see the real owner of this postcard. Check out my post here.

My love with everything monogrammed. Thank you Ash and Muff!

Another product of my curiousity, I wish to find the real owner of this postcard. Check out my blog post here.

Another weekend craving

The rare times I was able to go out with my friends. Work was suspended and I was able to successfully drag my dearest friends to Robinsons Magnolia. 

Took this photo, before my camera got busted. 

Another nice read. If you love Lang Leav, you will also love Rupi Kaur's works. 

Collecting the old version of Peter Rabbit books

This started everything. The story of that one, or make it two birthday surprises

Another set of postcards from Marieken, this was one of my most like photos in my IG account. 

First bookfair experience!!!

Thank you Leah for the Cath Kidston case :) 

The rare times it rained again. As always, I'm loving the colder temperature

One of the best and unexpected gifts from 2016 as well

Only my friends who were involved behind that birthday surprise can decipher the real meaning of this photo hahahaha 

Lunch out with my favorite persons at the workplace, we love the new Mary Grace Cafe in SM Manila 

Another favorite flat lay, I can't remember the exact reason but I was happy when I made this

Teaser of my most awaited trip with my family :) 

Tagaytay trip courtesy of work 

Hello Hong Kong!!!! 

It's great to be back in Disneyland!!!!!

And The Venetian is always worth visiting

Visited a new attraction in Macau

An unexpected trip again!!! Ticked off an item in my bucket list, I was able to visit Ilocos

I died. Hahahaha I feel so loved. Thank you dearest friends. I also received a surprise birthday cake from my friends. I swear, I wanted to cry. 

Our annual tradition before parting ways for Christmas. Thank you dearest friends.

These were just a few of the best that made my 2016. Some were left undocumented but will surely remain in my series of nothing but the best memories. I'm looking forward to have more in 2017! Same goes with everyone who dropped by to read my post. Cheers to a better and happier 2017!