The destination happens to be a cave, but my photos relate otherwise. Haha The Bantay Abot Cave is literally a mountain with a hole. It is said that different natural occurrences caused the creation of the unusual hole. So don't expect a real deep cave. :) The dominant view in the area are rock formations and what seems to be an endless horizon of the sea. 

The entire place looks so serene and relaxing. In reality, it is quite challenging to capture great photos. The shore is filled with sharp fragments of rock formations. The limited pathways are steep. The waves of the sea are too powerful. In effect, expect strong winds everywhere. I remember climbing a steep elevated area to secure some photos. I had a hard time going down, so my steps were slow and careful. Unfortunately, some group of "younger" kids became too demanding. They were shouting, asking me to walk faster because I will appear as a distraction for their photos. Kids, when you reach my tita age... I hope you will not get overweight and lousy. Hahaha You will understand my struggles. 

We only had a few minutes to explore Bantay Abot Cave. Despite the short visit, I can say that Bantay Abot Cave is one of the best places I've seen. It's no doubt, one for the books!