This week had me contemplating about so many things. Growing up and getting exposed to different kind of people meant having the chance that your firmest beliefs and principles will change. My parameters of loyalty, honesty, and even on how to be a good person have evolved over time. I have seen people who started as the best of friends and later became the worst of enemies. I have seen people whose definition of friendship depended on the benefits. The worst I had was when I invested time, loyalty, honesty and respect to someone who eventually suck out the best in me. What was once an inspiration turned out to be a source of frustration, disappointment and betrayal. These are the people we should wish to never come to our lives. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to distinguish them. The only time I realized that they should be avoided, was when all the damage has been done. 

Years ago, there was this high ranking government official ousted from his office. He used to have plenty of prominent friends. When all the legal cases were pursued against him, all the powerful and popular friends were gone ... as expected. However, this government official had another friend who chose to remain. The friend unfortunately gained his own share of ire from the local citizens. While everyone is hating this government official who supported a convicted friend, part of me felt respect and admiration. How many people will choose to travel the hardest path with you?

I started to think that maybe, the truth does not highly matter anymore. What's more important are the people who chose to save and remain behind. Years after this national issue subsided, the "prominent" friends who left were back in the limelight. Maybe years ago, people admired them because they were courageous enough to leave the ousted government official. In my case, I never felt the common sentiment of admiration. Part of me felt a degree of doubt to the "prominent" friends. I will never entrust my life to such kind of people. So when they run for a position in the national government, I was convinced of not voting for them. Some of them still won the elections. After some time though, I noticed that people tend to lose trust on them. Changing allies, political parties and friends is surely, not a good manifestation of loyalty, trustworthiness and real friendship I should say.

Going back to my original thought, everything boils down to one of life's paradoxes. You need to be at your worst to distinguish who are the best. 

So much about my serious thoughts, here are the few beautiful things that made the past week

Saturday mornings are the best - Need I expound more? As always, the rare times I can wake up without an alarm clock, worrying about work and people I don't like. Hahaha 

January is about to end - I checked my planner and realized that the end of the January is nearing. Another week and month are about to end. Come with the end of January are sad news and farewells about to happen. Also in the photo is the brochure of my dream camera, Sony a5000 is love!!! Hope I'll be able to acquire this within the year. 

Still receiving Christmas cards - Thank you for the warmest wishes Terra! I look forward on exchanging letters with you and Marieken for many years. 

Visit to St. Pio Chapel - I've been hearing a lot about St. Pio Chapel in Libis, Quezon City. It's refreshing to see a chapel amidst the towering buildings around. Surprisingly, one can still experience silence and stillness inside the area. I was fascinated with the rosaries everywhere, wide open spaces, pigeons waiting to be fed, scattered chapels and praying room. I initially planned to visit St. Pio last year in time for my birthday. There were change of plans and I somehow regretted not visiting earlier. Nevertheless, I'm still happy because I was able to visit with my mother.

Other things that happened this week, my favorite Korean actress finally married her long time boyfriend. :) Happy for Kim Tae Hee!!! 

Where did January go? Tomorrow will be the last full week of January. A lot is about to happen ... Memories to make and some decision to take. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!