It was the past trip to Ilocos that made me discover Pink Beautiq's Ultra Strength Whitening Serum. Blame the dark and uneven skin tone after the trip. I was desperate because in less than a week, it will be my birthday. Despite knowing that I have an impossible case, I still searched for products that can lighten the skin in the fastest time span. I hopped to different shopping sites and limited my search on skin whitening products.

Pink Beautiq as a brand and its product line were both new to me.  As always, I searched for reviews in the hope of getting positive feedbacks. True enough, the few articles I encountered all shared positive experiences. I took this as my signal to purchase, even though the price was a little out of my budget. :p 

I purchased this whitening serum via Beauty MNL. I made the purchase around 10 pm and was surprised that it was delivered the next day. Hooray for Beauty MNL's consistent next day shipping!

I used the product during night time. I skipped my evening moisturizer and replace it with this whitening serum for two weeks. I was praying that the product will work because it's expensive and I was desperate. True enough, I began to notice improvements on my skin tone after 4 days. While I don't have photos to prove, I noticed that I was a shade lighter. The lightening effect was happening, although in a gradual phase. The product worked and I was not deceived by reviews.

I tried using the product on my knees and elbows. Unfortunately, I didn't observe the same results. I believe this can be explained by the thinner layer of the skin of the face. Hence, effects can be easily observed.

More than its effectiveness, I also monitored possible side effects. It may surprise some of you, but I never experienced any trace of heavy skin peeling. The serum did not cause any painful sensation and redness. Although I noticed small acne sprouting days after I started using the serum. Other than rare incidents of acne, I never had other skin problems.

The product comes in small bottle with dropper. A small amount of the serum can already go a long way. The only thing I didn't like, the "vinegar like' odor of the serum.

Overall, I would recommend Pink Beautiq's Whitening Serum. However, I believe the product is not designed for those with sensitive skin especially those prone to acne.

You can purchase Pink Beautiq's Whitening Serum here. It initially retailed at Php 599. I recently checked and the price was reduced by 10%.