Last Sunday of January, still trying to figure out where did time go? The first month of 2017 is about to end and part of me feels I failed to catch up. There were so many things that happened in a span of one month. 

Everything started with work, as expected. Priorities were changed so there were abrupt changes I have to deal with. On the positive side, I became adjusted with my weirdest class schedule. I also scored some freelance works. A previous client requested for additional work. My other existing project is also nearing its ending. But the major event of January happened to be the departure of my friend T. I always have a hard time dealing with farewells. Being left behind is as always, one of life's hardest struggles. 

On Friday night, my friend T hosted her farewell dinner. She treated us in one of my favorite grill restaurants. What people might expect as a night of tears and tribute didn't happen. Drama was never in the personality of my friend. Haha Instead, everyone was stuffed with the best food while discussing and laughing at some recent happenings in our environment. 

Friday also marked the eve of the Chinese New Year. Years ago, I braved Binondo's festivities with another friend. I think this was the only year when I failed to visit in time for the CNY celebration. I hope I'll be able to drop by next week, with all the red lanterns and decors still around.  

In between the days at the workplace, I found these interesting links.

This Etsy seller is my life goal!!! - One of my wildest dreams to become an established freelancer. My workplace situated in the comforts of my own home. My boss will be limited to my clients. I can wake up at my pace, engage in morning exercise, work the entire day, teach in college and get back the much needed 8 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, this work set-up will make me more anti-social. I still have to outweigh this but given all the unnecessary forms of stress I experience everyday, I can't help but dream of a quiet, peaceful and relaxing work life.

This Samsung ad in India - Define customer service that breaks the borders of expectation. The additional effort we extend to accomplish our jobs meant priceless happiness for someone else. For a while, it made me think what really happens if I give beyond what is expected. Am I really making someone else's life better?

The compiled videos of former President Obama  is love!!!

This magic trick oblong scarf from Kate Spade !!!!! It's already on sale, but still expensive for my budget. 

Nina Stajner's instagram and etsy account are both lovely. - I wanted to own one of her pins or drawings.

Chunky Knits - I've been drooling :p over the chunky knitted blankets I always encounter in Instagram. This French seller has it all.

I discovered another blog love :) - Meet Hello Miss May!!!

Here are the beautiful things that happened last week

Waking up on a relaxing weekend morning with these Filipino treats

Postcard and letter from my friends in Thailand and the Netherlands

#Besties - No goodbyes but new beginnings to  my dear friend T! Let's repeat our Singapore trip ;) 

My stash of everything Korea - Saw a Korean convenience store last Friday and what do you expect from me :p 

This is weekend! Everything feels so relaxing and stress free.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!